Whiskey Country – Horizons Unlimited North Carolina Part One

I know I said I was going to focus on motorcycle trips, and this is going to have Cliff the RV carrying all of us to an HU Event – but Horizons is very much about motorcycles and so is the Iron Horse Resort, not far from Deals Gap. So, it’s definitely motorcycle land.

We all went to the North Carolina event last year, since it was the week after Overland Expo East. This year (well, in 2016) both events were the same weekend, so we had to choose. We’d ended up at HU mostly because we could take Cliff there. OX East had moved to a new venue, but technically vehicles like Cliff we never allowed there. The hurricane last year hadn’t really helped. The girls weren’t up for that long of a motorcycle ride, and we (still) haven’t motorcycle camped. HU NC was a simpler event for us to attend, so that’s where we ended up. It was going to be the first time we talked about our summer trip, so it was important to Sue that we were all there.

All of us going meant school would be missed, something which worried Sue, but there wasn’t much we could do about it. We decided to leave on Tuesday. It functionally cost us three travel days (with the weekend), but meant the girls would only miss five days of school.

Every little bit counts.

We packed up and left in the morning, avoiding the worst of Chicago Traffic. Everything was gaining smoothly until we noticed Cliff was starting to overheat. We’d had overheating problems before, and thought it was all sorted out. Cutting our first day short, we found a campground near a small town (where we could get parts), and set up camp. As it turned out, we were in Whiskey Country, Kentucky.

Of course, the county we camped in was dry, nothing for sale anywhere. It would have been a short walk to the distillery, so the people living there had to work for Jim Bean, at least some of them. Weird.

We found a pinhole in a radiator hose and replaced it, getting back on the road. we kept overheating, though, and in Louisville had to stop for real repairs.

Stan, with his mobile repair truck/garage sorted us out in a couple of hours, but we’d wanted to be at Iron Horse at the end of the second day – and there was no way we would make it now.

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Where I press the fast forward button

So, Sue and I got back from Ontario and, a few weeks later, hit the road with her two girls, two motorcycles, and an RV named Cliff. For while, I was going to be posting that trip here, but I changed my mind. While we did have motorcycles and road a lot, it wasn’t really a motorcycle trip. So, it’s going to be in it’s own blog over here.

I also have a new hub-type site, which links to all the other little, and not so little, stuff I have going on, online. Of particular interest to any motorcyclists, check out The Minimal Motorcyclist, which get all the how-to stuff, reviews, and the other nuts and bolts parts of small, inexpensive motorcycle travel. 

So what is the plan for Traveling250? Just travel reports – especially reports where I get to ride motorcycles. Of course, I am technically at home now in the Midwest, which isn’t known for it’s fine winter motorcycling, but I have other trips to cover in the mean time, and if you get impatient waiting for a post here go and check out the other sites. Also, there is the Facebook page Going Small, so you can ask questions or learn where and what I am planning next.


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By The North Road – Horizon’s Unlimited Ontario Part Four

Sue didn’t want to go through Chicago (which I couldn’t blame her for), so we decided to loop around and come through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan instead. Its about the same distance, but smaller roads and usually take a few hours longer in driving time.

We stayed one more night in Canada, just because, and were introduced to dessert nachos.


After recovering from our sugar comas the next morning, we crossed the border at Sault St Marie into Upper Michigan, and reminded ourselves for every dessert nachos there are several meals in gas station parking lots.


We didn’t have enough time to wander a lot (or even enough, really), but Tahquamenon Falls is something you have to see. Sue hadn’t gone yet, so I was more than happy to show it to her.

There are really two falls, the upper and lower. Each has it’s own parking, and there is a trail linking them but I decided to ride from one to the other rather than walk. I like hiking, and have done this one, but we didn’t have to whole day and it was getting hot.




When we were ready to get back on the bikes and leave the falls a family came up to us and started asking about the bikes. They were on bicycles, and were thinking about getting motorcycles for travel with their kids – so we had things to say.

The rest of the trip home was mainly a matter of logging miles and staying awake. I have to admit it was much nicer than the southern route, so I think it will be the new standard.

I only had a couple weeks before getting back on the road for Overland Expo East.

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Okay, so a bit of a restart

2016 was a busy, busy year for me. I got married, we went on a road trip. I gave presentations all over the place, and am working on a new book. It’s been a full slate.

What I had been planning on doing here (and there are even a whole bunch of drafts written which were going to start dropping this week – I kinda stopped them, sorry) was covering my summer road trip with my wife and her two daughters. We did bring motorcycles, the RX3s, but we did most of the actual traveling in an old RV (a 1984 Winnebago named Cliff). I decided I didn’t want this site, which was about traveling on small motorcycles, to have my RV (and other, non-small moto travels) on it. So, those posts are going to go over here, a new blog I’ve set up for my family travels.

So, what does that mean for Traveling 250? Not a whole lot. I am still riding all over the place on my 250s, and still trying to keep Curiosity running through dumb luck and poor servicing skills. Blue is still around, and he will be showing up again (I hope, anyway) in future rides.

I will also be doing things on The Minimal Motorcyclist, more how-to tips, reviews, and other nuts-and-bolts things about small motorcycle, minimalist, or inexpensive (because “cheap” apparently sounds bad) travel. And I will shortly have links to help you bounce back and forth between these two motorcycle site.

I have also added a New Bigger Home Page link, which will take you to my central hub site – Andrew C Pain. All my various things and projects are there, so if you are (for some reason) curious about whatever I am doing now, or plan to be doing next, head over there. Or just head other there anyway. It also has a store link where you can get my books, stickers, and journals.

So, I think that is it for now. Stand by for future posts with motorcycles and food and me being lost!


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