Spring Slimey Crud Run

Back from the Overland Expo trip, and with a new SR250 named Curiosity, it was time to get some miles in and see what would break. Actually, it was so I could get used to the ‘new’ motorcycle, which was 30years old and would have some quirks.

There are two Slimey Crud Runs, one each in the spring and fall. The weather is incredibly varied, with some days bring ice and snow, and others warm weather and bright skies. This one was somewhere in the middle, with cold temperatures and high winds. There was still a good turn out though.

Tradition is for my friends to meet at a Perkins in Delafield WI for breakfast, then ride out to the ‘start’ together. The beginning of the ride is Pine Bluff, WI, southwest of Madison, WI.

Since I was on a 250cc urban commuter, and they were generally on sport-tourers over 1liter, I decided to make my own way to the Slimey Crud Run.

In the past few years, I have gone to Pine Bluff, but then broke from the ride, which ends in Leland, WI but follows no set route, and wandered around Wisconsin until dark forced me home. This time, since this would be my last Crud Run for a while, I headed for the ‘end’ in Leland.

Looking at the map I saw I could pass through Merrimac, WI and ride the ferry, which is usually fun. Since Blue was with I thought I could take a few pictures of him on the ferry as we crossed.

The wind was pretty strong, worse even than I thought, but the ferry was running despite the waves on the river. Sadly, I was very cold (Even with heated gear, I hadn’t plugged in my gloves for reasons I no longer understood, and it was tool cold to even take my helmet off), so poor Blue never made it out of the bag all day.

Wave don’t usually wash up onto the deck. The ferry, which is pulled across on cables, was rocking enough to make me stumble on the deck. I decided I wouldn’t come back this way.

I arrived at Leland around noon, to find few people there yet. The bulk of the riders generally left Pine Bluff around 11am, but it could take 30 minutes to hours to arrive in Leland, depending on the route you took, so I got a brat from one of the vendors, warmed my hands on the grill, and looked a motorcycles.

Eventually the crowd arrived, and I ran into a few of my friends. Oddly, I stopped taking pictures at this point, and I left around 2pm for the ride home. The wind was just as bad, but now it was generally to my back, which gave me an extra 5mpg on the way back.

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