Day Trip for Coffee

Region Four of meets on most Sunday’s for Coffee, somewhere in Southern Wisconsin or North Illinois, usually followed by a ride. Since I rather busy, going to these weekly meets is something of a break from my daily grind of selling, throwing away, or deciding to pack away (not much of that last thing anymore).

This weekend was at Smith Brother’s Coffee, in Port Washington WI. Despite the fog and strong chance of storms, I decided to ride up with Blue and see friends for a couple hours. Well, and one of them had bought my bread maker, and this made it easy to hand off.

Turn out was pretty good.

I had a drink, though Blue kept stealing it. Too much whip cream makes him hyper.

After coffee with everyone we went for a walk through a street festival Port Washington was having. I am not really sure what it was for, since Pirate Days is next weekend, but there were bands (briefly, until the rain scared them off), a bouncy house and lots of people selling ice cream (it was about 50f, overcast and foggy).

The rain was heading our way, so we didn’t stay long. By the time we reached Milwaukee there was light rain falling, but we were safely inside before the heavy stuff hit. No golf ball hail, which is good.

Hopefully I will move enough stuff out of my house tomorrow I will be able to actually take a couple of days to go somewhere.

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