On Your Marks…

It’s been a frantic couple of weeks as I got ready to leave. When I had initially done my schedule for the month between leaving work and leaving to visit a friend in Georgia (who was also going to look after my stuff), I had been careful to schedule lots of free time in the last week or so. I had optimistically thought I would actually be free during then and could go and do non-trip related things.

That didn’t work out, exactly.

The weekends were full of rummage sales, and as the time to leave for Georgia approached the amount of stuff I had around shrank, but I was always worried it wasn’t shrinking enough. Nothing seemed to sell on Craigslist until the last week, which was extremely annoying.

The last weekend was set aside for packing and cleaning, but as it approached money juggling issues made me reconsider driving all my stuff across country. So, on a Saturday four days before I was to leave, I decided to keep my stuff in Milwaukee. The U-Haul was changed to a local move and a storage locker was obtained.

Sunday morning was a coffee meet with my local riding group. The morning was rainy, though the day cleared up nice.

After coffee I signed the paperwork for the storage locker and brought some shelves over, finally leaving the Ural there and walking home. I spent the rest of the day cleaning. I am not a huge fan of cleaning.

Monday I went to pick up the U-Haul with the help of a friend, who agreed to stay and help me load it. I had really thought loading the U-Haul would take until evening, but it was done in less than two hours. While loading I realized I hadn’t put much thought into what was going on the bike, and that stuff had to be left at the house so I could pack in Tuesday morning. Sorting out that took about another hour.

You might be wondering why I would even need to think about that sort of thing. I have done lots of road trips and haven’t really worried over what was being packed. I will now freely admit the mental state of packing, when you aren’t ‘going home’ after a month or so, is completely different. I pulled out everything I might want, and then cut the pile down again and again until I had something that would fit on the bike. It would need more refinement, but I had planned on taking a day or so in Georgia to work all this out. I consoled myself that if I had forgotten something I would be back in Milwaukee in a couple weeks and could pick it up.

With the U-Haul now loaded with everything that wasn’t going with another friend showed, and we all went over to the storage locker. Unloading was much faster than loading and, while I had rented to large of a U-Haul the storage locker was just the right size.

The same friend helped me return the U-Haul. I had planned on a pizza dinner for people who helped, though the late arrival couldn’t stay and the others weren’t able to show up until the evening (Jobs and all that), so I changed the chain on Curiosity. This was more of a task than I had thought, the old chain had to be cut off (all my tools were now in storage, expect the small kit I was bringing with), and the new chain’s master link really need a chain tool. I managed with a vice grip and a fair amount of yelling.

Still, I got it installed not long after everyone showed up, and we went for pizza. Then I went home, inflated my air mattress and packed my saddlebags. In the morning I would leave.

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2 Responses to On Your Marks…

  1. kristin says:

    I can’t wait to read more


  2. Kless says:

    Glad to see another post! Must be liberating to get rid of so much stuff.
    Is curiosity the name you gave to the 250cc? It doesn’t coincide with the misery and despair:)


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