Hartwell Georgia

Sharon is my oldest friend. I met her in College, in 1991, and somehow we haven’t managed to lose each other in all the years and moves since. She is from Hartwell, GA, and lives there now with her Mother, somehow managing her own business, helping with her mother’s and doing a few extra jobs on the side.

I spent four nights in Hartwell, which is the longest stay I’ve had for a while. Since I arrived late on Thursday, and left (sort of) early Monday morning, I had three days to spend with my friend, reorganize my packing, and rest up some before heading back north. I really didn’t discuss my exact plans with Sharon, which would’ve been a good idea.

Friday was a street party called Dancing on Depot. Sharon’s mother’s business, ElsieBee Originals, is on Depot st, so this is something of an event for them. Apparently it usually rains a little early in the evening, but it doesn’t stay. There is a stage set up, and street vendors. This time there the rain didn’t lighten up, one of the bands canceled and the other only played one set (in the rain) before packing up.

Raininess is bad for my fur - Blue

Not a huge crowd

On Friday I had learned Hartwell, and most of the smaller towns in the area, celebrate their fourth of July the weekend before. I never really got a good explanation for it, but it meant I got to see fireworks on Saturday. During the day several business set up little booths around the city square selling or advertising (The whole thing is called the Pre-Fourth). ElsieBee Originals had a booth, which Sharon and her mother would be at during the day.

I had other things to do on Saturday, though. I had ordered a new tailbag,

Not as straight as it looks

The tail bag came with a bracket, something I didn't know when I ordered it.

I am NOT riding in there - Blue

It's pretty large and waterproof (supposedly)

and when it wasn’t going to make it to Milwaukee in time I had it shipped to Hartwell instead. Installing it was pretty simple, and I am very happy with it. I also removed a bunch of stuff from my bags. I hadn’t cooked once all the way down to Georgia (all three days), and decided to lose the extra weight. But, I also decided to ship the supplies to a friend’s house in Wisconsin, where I could get it back right away if I changed my mind.

With the bike repacked and the box ready for shipping, I went to the Pre-Fourth, found Sharon and her mother’ booth, and hung out of a while.

It was actually very hot

Elsiebee's Booth

Really, I had gotten there in time to help take everything down, and received careful instructions on where to go for the fireworks in the evening. I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some picnic supplies and rode near Hartwell Dam, off which the fireworks were going to be launched.

After eatting, and sharing the pit of my peach with a friendly squirrel,

Squirrels make me nervous - Blue

He had some trust issues early on

But got over them

I walked around the area some. There was a small park, with a band playing patriotic music, and the parking lot was filling up. I saw this Triumph, I do like the classic British cars.

MGs are better

After asking around to find out exactly where the fireworks were launched, I walked to a nice spot, sat down and enjoyed the sunset.

That person never moved out of the way - Blue

Looking out over Lake Hartwell

Sunday Sharon had set aside for us to ride motorcycles, but she had injured her ankle and wasn’t sure she wanted to ride anywhere. Instead she introduced Blue to the shop cat Jennifer,

All the ladies love me - Blue

Jennifer Meeting Blue, and going right for first base.

and we took her car to movie and dinner.

Monday, I was back on the road again, so Sunday I said good bye to Sharon’s mother (who I wouldn’t see in the morning) and got a good night’s sleep.

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One Response to Hartwell Georgia

  1. Kless says:

    Ex’s dad had an mg midget; there is something special indeed about those classic British cars.


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