Back in Wisconsin Rapids and with some time I decided to work on Curiosity. I had been losing power, and the bike didn’t want to idle anymore. I had tried adjusting the idle screw without much effect, so I decided to adjust the valves, and while I was at it the cam chain adjuster.

Deb and the kids were gone, so I had the driveway to myself and started taking the bike apart.

I think this was supposed to go there...

Checkin the valves

I was following the instructions in the service manual, which was very keen on Top Dead Center. I had some issues with getting there, and called The Shop for assistance. Tim, who runs the place, has been incredibly helpful over the year or so I’ve been planning the trip, and the years before that on general motorcycle stuff. He told me to ignore the TDC thing, and after that everywhere went like yummy, yummy cake.

Once the bike was back together I took it for a test ride, and it idled much better, and had noticeably more power. I liked it (Okay, ‘more power’ is a relative thing). I found an old historical marker,

I didn't know it was still the largest paper producer. Did no one tell the Chinese?

Yay learning!

that was showing some wear and tear, and took a picture. Always good to learn something.

Friday came and it was time to head back to Milwaukee, since the M2M was the next morning. Deb was heading back down too, planning to ride her bike in the M2M as well, but I left earlier to meet a friend in the Dells. Brenda was out fishing, but brought her boat back in so she could say goodbye, before I left for good (or at least a while)

Showing a little leg.

Yay fishing

Sorry guys, she's probably not interested


I told her I wasn’t going to use this picture, but all well. She can’t beat me up at the moment and with luck she will have forgotten when I see her again.

Back in Milwaukee I picked up a replacement air filter (remember I am not good with air filters) and said good bye to Tim and the guys. Without them I would have no chance at pulling this trip off, and you have to love some of the stuff you see in The Shop

5. They won't listen


Pretty sure those instructions are from the customer.

Short blog, M2M next!

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3 Responses to Maintenance

  1. Kless001 says:

    Centralia Wisconsin… heh. At first I was thinking Centralia Pennsylvania, the ghost town that had it’s zipcode revoked in 2002 due to an underground coal fire going on for decades. Always love those historical markers, I found one of them near canal & 27th in Milwaukee on the north side of the hill/valley that depicted the early days of Milwaukee; it was good stuff.


    • traveling250 says:

      I had thought about going to Centralia PN, but passed on it. There really isn’t anything left there anymore. Maybe when I get back.

      I love historical markers, I try to read them all but out east it’s hard since they are every couple hundred yards along the roads (or seems like it)


  2. Kless001 says:

    I put a lot of thought into venturing out there. When I was down in Knoxville TN I punched in Centralia PN into my gps just for kicks, and I was shocked by what happened next. 400 S.Locust Avenue Centralia PN came up and when I routed to it… distance, eta, everything came up. I think that even though only a few buildings remain it would still be an eerie experience to see how nature has been reclaiming the streets. I just can’t justify heading out to Eastern Pennsylvania, unless I’m also going to Boston to be all patriotic and visit museums.


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