Teton’s and Rest Stop

(July 19,20th and 21st, 2011)

I had been through the Tetons before, and they were just awesome. I was headed for Driggs, Idaho, which was conveniently on the other side of the Tetons from where I was, so it even made sense to ride through.

Grand Teton itself (the others off to the left)

I stopped at the Jackson Lake dam for lunch, and took a couple more pictures of the mountains.

Its hard to take bad pictures of mountains.

I don’t think I’ve had a picture of Curiosity for a while, so here’s one

And another mountain shot

Leaving the Tetons I rolled into Driggs, where I met up with some friends. I had some parts and paperwork being shipped there (It hadn’t all arrived yet), and I was lucky enough to find they had set aside some room for me to stay there until everything showed up. I had been looking at camping more, so the actual bed and shower was very appreciated.

Blue getting comfortable


I spent two nights there, resting, working on blogs, and trying to get my speedometer work again (which I didn’t). Everything showed up and I headed back east to go through Yellowstone on my way to Glacier.

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