July 21st and 22nd, 2011

I admit it wasn’t easy to leave the warm shower and actual bed, but there was still lots of miles to cover. I headed back east, through Jackson (stopping for lunch) and then into Yellowstone.

I rode up from the south end of the park, stopping at Ol Faithful, then heading for West Yellowstone. All the campgrounds in the park were full, which was a little surprising on a Thursday, so I rode into West Yellowstone looking for a private campground. As it turns out, most of them were full too, so I headed for the KOA six miles west of town. While looking for camping in town I had met with with a family (Well, a father and his two sons) on two bikes, who were also looking for somewhere to stay. We all rode to the KOA together, and split a site between us, which was nice since the tent site was $50 a night.

I didn’t really have a plan for Yellowstone, nothing I really wanted to see. Part of me felt like I had just been there (actually 2008), and Glacier (where I had never been) was calling.

I did stop at a few places,

and one gratuitous sign shot

I kept riding north, through the Lewis and Clark National Wilderness, which is actually very beautiful country.

Eventually I stopped to camp in Great Falls, Montana, early enough to go and see Captain America, which had just come out. Yup, I’m seeing a lot of movies. I like movies, okay?

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One Response to Yellowstone

  1. kless001 says:

    With that father and sons team on bikes I expected you to eventually say (they’re all from England) because I instantly though they were Brits. Just look at the smug British smile on the son on the left, third picture down! Ok I’m only half serious.


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