Glacier National Park, Day One

July 24th, 2011

I rode north from Great Falls along Hwy 89, with sunshine and warm temperatures. The scenery was pleasant,and I could see mountains getting closer in the distance. Then I came across this

Not really sure what that was all about, but they were pretty cool to look at and nicely done.

With the recent experience of Yellowstone, and knowing it was the weekend now, I figured the camps around Glacier would be just as full, or fuller. I went right to the KOA in West Glacier, where I planned to stage myself for enjoying the park. It was full, not even a tent site, which was a new. I didn’t think KOA’s ever ran out of tent sites. Anyway I had passed a campground closer to West Glacier and rode back to see if they had sites, not expecting them too.

But they did, and if you are going to Glacier NP I cam highly recommend Glacier Campground, on US2, just west of West Glacier. They have an open air restaurant, but only on the weekends. Here is dinner

and it was delicious.

The next day I adjusted my valves, and headed into the park. Most of my stuff I left behind in camp, since I was expecting some serious hills. As it turns out the grades in the park aren’t actually that bad, but there was a fair amount of construction.

Going to the Sun Road goes through Logan Pass, and apparently just opened two weeks before I arrived. Most of the hiking trails from the Logan Pass Visitor Center were still closed due to snow.

It actually wasn’t that cold…it wasn’t warm but not too bad.

I rode down the east side of Going to the Sun, the weather warming as I went south

I was riding towards Many Glacier, which is accessed from the east side of the park. On the way I passed through Browning MO, and met a couple on HD’s, who were heading home to a town just south of Calgary. I mentioned to them I was thinking about heading to Calgary to replace my tent, which was still leaking slightly. They offered me a place to stay if I did, and I got their information (More on them later)

The end of Many Glacier’s road had

and a couple dozen hiking trails. These were all a lot lower and open. I wandered around a bit, but it was getting late in the day and I was 2 and a half hours away from the campground. I rode back over the pass and settled in to my tent with plans to hike more the next day.

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