Glacier National Park, Day Two

July 25th, 2011

My second morning in camp was spent doing laundry, but I was in the park by 11am. The plan was to spend the whole day hiking. While most of the trails at Logan Pass were closed, one was open. Hidden Lake, and I wanted to go and find it.

The morning was cold, and rainy. I really don’t like cold rain, it has always been my least favorite riding condition and I don’t even like being outside in it. And remember the giant snowbanks? I stayed in the visitor center, waiting for the rain to end before starting out. The Hidden Lake trail was still under snow

But the views were spectacular.

After Hidden Lake I headed back down the mountain. The Trail of the Cedars, and Avalanche Trail had been recommended by locals I had asked, they were conveniently off the same trail head.

Trail of the Cedars is a boardwalk and cement path that leaks through some of the old growth parts of the forest. I like trees, and even with the platform of the boardwalk the path was peaceful.

The trail features a lot of old growth cedar trees, in various states of health

That one was actually still alive, which surprised me.

Avalanche branches off from Trail of the Cedars, and is a rougher trail.


And was a lot more effort to hike. This was almost decidedly more bear country, but I didn’t see any (Other than Blue, of course)

But the end of the trail was completely worth it just for the view

I sat for awhile, snacking and drinking water, and a friendly chipmunk came over to visit

He was chased off by a squirrel

(I’ve said before, you have to watch out for squirrels)

After about thirty minutes I walked back down the trail (Again, down was easier), through Trail of the Cedars again, and back to my bike. I would be heading into Canada the next day.

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