Watson Lake

August 3rd, 2011

I had a lake start, intentionally slowing down for the day. I felt as though I had very much over extended the day before and knew I couldn’t keep up the pace I had set since leaving Prince George.


Watson Lake wasn’t that far up the road, 200 miles or so. It should be an easy ride, so I also slowed down, took more pictures, and generally stopped more often.


Not really sure what they were eating or licking. My riding past didn’t get them out of the road, so it must’ve been pretty good.

I was seeing more wildlife in general, actually


Live buffalo


Dead buffalo being eaten by a small black bear. I wasn’t this close, actually. The buffalo was actually killed the day before after a minivan hit it. The minivan was also killed (the passengers and driver were all okay). This was between the towns of Coal River (to the east) and Fireside (to the west). I had ridden through Coal River, then this little tableau, planning to fuel up in Fireside. Fireside was completely closed down, the owners retired and moved away. Most of the useful items from Fireside had been moved to Coal River, as I found out when I went back there to get fuel. Important not to run too close to empty.


Bug was about an inch long. Not sure what it was but I didn’t want to piss it off.

I reached Watson Lake, planning to find camping and them look at the Signpost Village, but instead I went to the signposts first (Where they suggested a campground, but wouldn’t suggest anywhere to eat. Figure that out)



Blue kept wandering off.

It was…something you just have to see. Dense packed signs that seemed to go on and on and on. I met a German on a bicycle (also headed to Argentina, oddly enough) who spend more than 2 hours there. There were a lot of German signs, but there were a lot of signs. I don’t know how long I was there.

One other thing I learned at the visitor center was the gas station on route I had planned (The Robert Campbell Highway) between Watson Lake and Ross River was closed. This meant I had 375km of mostly gravel road to cover with the fuel I was carrying. If I carried five extra liters (everything up here is liters, including the gas cans) I could just reach Ross River with 1 liter left over (less than 1/4 of a gallon of gas), so safety meant I had to have more. 10 liters of extra gas is a lot, my gas tank is 11 liters, and I wasn’t sure of an easy way to carry it. In the end I decided not to try it and continue on the Alaskan Highway. I’m sure I will find myself in this situation again, and need to keep my ego in check.

I went to the suggested campground, who suggested somewhere for dinner so I guess it all worked out. I am far enough north now the sky doesn’t get dark until after midnight, but I still had no issues falling asleep.

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1 Response to Watson Lake

  1. David Kless says:

    German on a bicycle, heading to Argentina… wtf. excuse me for cursing but how ****ing cool. The logistics involved, or lack of logistics? involved in a trip like that is almost incomprehensible.

    I’m sure he finds himself stealth camping a lot.


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