Seward Highway and the Kenai Peninsula

August 13-15, 2011

Armed with my new sleeping stuff I headed south west for the Kenai Peninsula. Specifically I was headed for the Kenai Wildlife Refuge, where I had heard there were still grizzlies walking around. The salmon had peaked the day before I arrived, but there were still fish in the rivers. Fish mean bears.

The weather on the Seward was less than ideal


But the scenery was still amazing


As the afternoon started the weather improved some. I had battery issues again, deciding I just couldn’t run the jacket and gloves fully at the same time. I used to be able too, I think. I will need to look into it.

Anyway I stopped at the visitor center and asked about camping sites, mainly which was the warmest. Without hesitation I was directed to the Hidden Lake (is this the third or fourth hidden lake? Seems like there are a lot of those) where I found a site in the woods.


That green thing beyond the fire is my new hammock tent. First time I used it, and it definitely goes up faster than the Nomad. Little smaller inside though. Behind where I am standing for this picture is


this view of the lake.

With the tent up I went walking around the area some. The campground hosts had told me there was a mother grizzly and two cubs in the area, and where they would probably be. They warned me not to wander off into the woods, but stay on the roads or paths. Probably good advise.

So I stayed on the road and headed to a stream that was nearby, on the way I found this


Yup. A bunny. It was actually larger than an average house cat. Further on I found the stream


With warning sign


I sat for a while on the side of the road, waiting for something. After about 30 minutes I decided to start walking back to my site before it got too dark out. I stood up, turned around, and


in the stream on the other side of the road. There isn’t any zoom on this pic, so the wide angle standard frame makes it look farther away. I got out the spray before the camera. One of the cubs was behind the bear when I took the pic, but then the bear turned and headed off into the woods.

Happy I’d seen my grizzly (and keeping the spray out since I had been a little spooked) I walked back to my camp and went to sleep.

The next day was sunny and warmer (I spelt well in the hammock, by the way. It took me a while to fall asleep, though. I’m not used to sleeping on my back), and I went riding around the refuge


For a late lunch I went to


who had wifi as it turned out so I got to spend some time online. It seems this is the place to be, as I had a constant stream of travelers and locals coming in and going out to chat with. My late lunch took longer than I thought. I headed back to try and see the bears again, but there was no sign of them.

I put my chair out on the over look for the lake and read for a while before hitting the sack. The next day I would start south (by going north for a while)


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2 Responses to Seward Highway and the Kenai Peninsula

  1. Debbie Hagedorn says:

    I believe your bunny is probably a hare…


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