Northern Cascades National Park

August 28th through the 30th, 2011

From the HU meeting I was heading for Seattle, with the plan to stay with the Mill’s for a few days. They were at the HU meet as well, and asked that I didn’t show up right away (which I totally understood). I decided to head for the the Northern Cascades, planning on doing some hiking for a day to pass some time.

I admit to getting a little lost heading south from Nakusp,


Not that being lost was really a problem. South was south, after all.

Just north of the USA/Canada border I found a little ice cream place and decided to use up some of my remaining Canadian funds



It was cheap for ice cream, and delicious.  A bit further down the road I found a sign


It sounded like a good idea so I pulled over and hiked up the hill and onto the trail.


I wasn’t sure what the falls were, or how far they were down the trail. I found these –


but wasn’t sure if that was what I was looking for. I hiked on, running into a couple walking the other way. They said the trail got worse further on, and they gave up when they reached a cave since they didn’t have flashlights.

I was starting to think the falls I had already seen were all there was on the trail, but hiked on a bit further.


About here I turned around and headed back for the road. The walk had been short but I felt better after the exercise, I didn’t get off the bike enough lately.

The border was only another 15 minutes down the road. Into the USA I wandered west along small roads, but it wasn’t long before I decided I wasn’t going to make the National Park that day.


Still, the scenery was nice, and I found a state park to camp in. They had showers, which was nice, and a very nice view –


The next day I headed for the park again, enjoying blue skies, nice weather, odd towns and funny signs.


I reached the park, enjoying a scenic byway


the views were awesome, it seemed like it had been a while since I was in the mountains, though it really hadn’t been. I just like mountains.


Yup, that’s snow. I was pretty high, being in the Cascades and everything. I went over a high pass and saw Diablo Lake


which was made by a dam, but is glacier fed, which is why it has that awesome blue color (glacier flour, bits of mineral suspended in the water). I decided while here that I would go to the next campground and find a site. Once the site was set up I found a hiking trail and took off along it.


After hiking for a little more than a hour I turned back to the campground. I saw a ranger program explaining part of the parks ecosystem before turning in and sleeping soundly.

In the morning I packed up and headed further through the park. I found Diablo Dam


and some waterfalls


The Visitor center was at the western edge of the park, and I rolled in to get a passport stamp and look at displays.


Blue chatted with the slug for a while, I think he was trying to get it into a game of tag.

Next up was Seattle, the Space Needle and a shower. Not in that order.

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