Highway 101

September 4th through 6th, 2011

Highway 101, along the Oregon coast, is one of the great motorcycling roads people dream about riding. When I was there I had some fog in the mornings, but it usually burned off quickly, and every twist and turn brought a new stunning view.


The traffic was less enjoyable, but hard to complain about. Some people seemed intent on taking the corners as fast as they could (sometime ignoring the lines Oregon DOT had spent a lot of time painting on the road), while others were clearly enjoying the view more than paying attention. I tried to only stare off over the ocean when the bike was parked, but can’t be sure I always adhered to this rule.

I reached the Sand Lake recreation area. I don’t really know what a bunch of sand dunes were doing in Northern Oregon, but I had decided to take a true rest day and Sand Lake has a beach (obviously). It also has a couple huge OHV areas, which are available for use until midnight. The ranger directed me to an area generally free from the noise.


The beach, low tide. High tide the beach was pretty much gone.


I spent the day reading and not doing much. On previous rest days I had always gone and done something, hiked or walked or worked on the bike. Today I did nothing but sit and read. I felt a lot better afterwards.

Back on Highway 101 and headed south I found myself stopping a lot more often to look at things, probably because of the rest day but also there seemed to be more things to just stop and look at.


This last picture is of the Devil’s Churn, but I was there at the wrong time of day to see it doing anything interesting. In fact, when I asked a few people in the area, no one seemed to know when the right time was.


Squirrels were getting a lot of attention though. Damn squirrels.

I kept along the coast, trying to divide my attention between the road and the view. There were a fair number of viewing areas, but I did want to get some miles done.


I found a campground for the night, with a shower. I hadn’t showered since leaving Seattle, 5 days earlier, and felt like I needed one. After my shower and walking back to my camp I passed this in the driveway


The campground apparently is popular with hunters, and the owner decided to add some ambiance to the office with large ordinance. It isn’t the sort of thing you usually see, but then again maybe I just haven’t noticed before.

The next day I was planning to drive past Crater lake on my way towards Yosemite, but boy did that plan change.

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