El Rosario to San Blas

October 4th and 5thm 2011

I left a little late, there were a few phone calls I needed to make and the hotel had wifi. Since I was still planning on camping at night, I couldn’t be sure of having internet for skype.

You would think I would learn, but in truth I hadn’t and the late start meant it was already hot and humid when I settled my helmet on my head and rode off over the cobblestones in the parking lot.


Since it was hot, and getting hotter, I didn’t stop much on the road for pictures. I was missing my mesh jacket, though I new in a few weeks I would be much higher, probably seeing snow, and very happy to not have a my mesh jacket. Traveling is like that, I guess.

I did see a water slide in the middle of nowhere


Given the temps, the heat index had to be right around the surface temperature of the sun, I was tempted, but then I would have to be back on the bike and heat and looking for somewhere cool.

When I was in Baja, and it was too hot, I headed for the Pacific coast. Old habits die hard, and I headed for the coastal town of San Blas. I didn’t know much about it, other than it had a bunch of little beach symbols on the map, and it was on the road to Puerto Vallarta, where I was generally heading. My original route had me going through Tepic, a larger city somewhat inland, but I decided to turn towards the ocean sooner in the hopes of it being cooler.

It was, a little, mainly it was more windy. It worked out the same, cooling me off when I was stopped.

I was given the immediate impression of what sort of town San Blas was.



Despite the WiFi sign, there wasn’t even electricity. I was offered a cabin on the sand, but it was enclosed and didn’t let in the breeze, so I passed in favor of the hammock.


See my chair on the right? This was my view-


I relaxed, read, working on my tan. Some South African’s came and rented one of the cabins, the one over my hammock since it was largest, but they were definitely there for the local…flavor…and more or less ignored me. I enjoyed dinner, went for a walk on the beach and watched the sunset.


I didn’t sleep well. The wind died completely about an hour after sunset, leaving me in something like a sauna. There was actually a haze in the air, like a warm fog. The South Africans were up until the small hours of the morning, and not particularly quiet, though to be fair they also weren’t particularly loud. In the morning, the sun woke me after not enough sleep to find I hadn’t gotten the hammock completely sealed to bugs, and some had managed to get in. My feet and lower legs (near the opening) were covered with little red bumps, the only good thing was they didn’t itch.

I wasn’t due in Puerto Vallarta for another day, but I also realized I couldn’t stay on the beach. In fact, I realized if I stayed on the coast I would have to suffer through the heat an humidity all the way south, until I turned inland just before Guatemala. Then I realized I needed to turn inland sooner, or I would probably melt in my jacket and helmet long before I reached the next border.

But I had friends in Puerto Vallarta, and I hadn’t seen them in a while. We were all looking forward to the visit, so I still wanted to go there. But no more camping on beaches until the it was more comfortable. I rode a little inland, found Ruta 200, then found a reasonable looking hotel for the night. I tried not to turn the air conditioning up all the way.

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