Oaxaca Mexico

October 14th and 15th, 2011

Oaxaca is an amazing town. I got a hotel near the city center, after wandering around some. I picked it in no small part for the ease of getting back out of town, still a bit sensitive from Mexico City.


The hotel was nice. The garage was in the basement, I was on the 2nd (top) floor. The courtyard was open, and there were stairs to the roof (that were closed off).

I had decided to stay two days in Oaxaca, since the town immediately struck me as the sort of town I had pictured when I pictured traveling in Mexico.


The clown always had a huge crowd. It was mostly jokes, sadly, and my Spanish wasn’t up to it.

I spent some time walking around. Found the library –


Yup, and fountain, and also open to the air. But there was something going on and I didn’t go in.

It was the weekend and there was a festival or talent contest going on.


There was another old church, but when I was there (in the evening) there was a service going on so I didn’t want to walk around and take pictures, but I did take some.


After watching some of the talent show, I called it a night and headed back to the hotel. Before going to sleep I learned about Oaxaca’s Mole’s (a type of sauce) and decided to try and find some the next day.

The I was looking for was Mole Negro “…thick and rich. It also includes chocolate, as well as chili peppers, onions, garlic and more, but what makes it distinct is the addition of a plant called hoja santa. (thanks Wikipedia)”


It doesn’t look like much. It tasted okay, nothing special. That is a hunk of chicken underneath.

After lunch I wandered around more. There isn’t anything like a shopping mall, but there were little buildings (houses maybe) with courtyards, and there were stores.


Of course, there were all sorts of stores




Domino’s as a sit down? Weird. I didn’t eat there. There was a huge line in front of a little stand selling fresh potato chips. I mean really fresh.


The red sauce was some of sort of chili. Anyway it was delicious. I should have gotten a bigger bag.

The next day I would ride into the heart of original Mexico, the Chipas, where the population was still mostly indigenous, deep in the mountains.


Good to know.

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