Chipas and San Cristobal

October 16th through the 18th, 2011

The rest of Mexico, Central America, and South America were calling, so I packed up and left Oaxaca, riding east.

The weather was nice, and I enjoyed the way the road moved through the mountains, even if there were few signs and I missed a couple of turns.


My riding goal was the city of San Cristobal, for no other reason than it was one of the Mexican cities I had heard of before starting to plan my trip. It is located in the Chipas region, which is still primarily indigenous. San Cristobal itself is more touristy.

As I made my way there I saw more of these statues –


I had thought about it some as I had been riding along, and the statues in this part of the Mexico seemed more symbolic. The ones in Northern Mexico were usually some politician or something. Sterner, I guess. I liked these better.

I had to pass through Tuxtla Gutierrez to get there, which was a larger town but since I was going straight through it wasn’t much of an issue. And the road was pretty well marked, too, probably for tourists like me.

Once in San Cristobal I went looking for my usual hotel choice – secure parking and easy to get out of the city from. The place was actually pretty nice.IMG_8327IMG_8328

Most of the areas that had once been open air had been covered at some point, which I was okay with since it was still the rainy season. This was my first hotel with a thermostat or fan or anything in the room. I didn’t even notice until later, when it cooled off and the areas that weren’t closed to the outside became more obvious. It got a little chilly.

Before this, though, and since I had stopped with plenty of time left, I went for a walk around town.


I seem to be taking a lot of church pictures, but they are all pretty impressive around here. Much more so than the more modern (and frankly drab) churches I usually see. And yes, I know there are old churches in the USA too. I just don’t usually take pictures of those.

I found somewhere to eat, and continued to explore as night fell.


Before you say “Wow, a police bike!” look a little closer – See the star of life on the front fender? This is a medical bike. Not surprising given what I have seen of city traffic, bikes generally have a much easier time of it. Now if only I could get a certain private company back in Milwaukee to accept the practice…

Night finally fell and I headed back towards my hotel. In general I try not to wander around too much after dark, although I still haven’t ever felt in danger. The next day I would be crossing over to Guatemala, which was a much different place than Mexico, and I wanted to have good habits.


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