Columbia Part Two, On the Road to Ecuador

November 16th and 17th, 2011

I spelt later in Cali, a nicer hotel (though still on the cheap side). Breakfast was even included.


Sometimes I forget it’s November.

Leaving Cali I had plans to reach Pasto, which would put me only a couple hours from the border. but with the sleeping in, and unexpected free breakfast, and maybe getting lost in Cali a little, I was behind schedule. Of course, being behind schedule isn’t that big of a deal


On the whole, Columbia is beautiful. Yes, there are regular army guys along the road, a couple every mile, giving thumbs up to me as I ride past (nothing special about me, thumbs up means keep going, waves means stop for a search). It is odd, since all you see is friendly people, waving from the sides of the road, and gorgeous scenery. You see the men in green and after a while they just blend into the background. But they wouldn’t be there if they were needed, at least a little.


Just miles and miles of this. So, of course, there was no way I was making it to Pasto.

One thing I had been seeing in Columbia was restaurants and hotels attached to gas stations. Since I wasn’t going to make it to Pasto, I decided to give one a try. The one I picked, Motel Nevada, was typical of it’s type. Gas pumps, rooms, and an attached restaurant. The restaurant only served one dish, which varied by day, always a soup but I didn’t recognize the rest of the description for today’s choice.


I know this guy, used to invite a bunch of people over to his house for soup in the summer time. Before then I really didn’t like soup, but realized it was because I had been having low quality stuff. His soup, which he took very seriously, was excellent, and changed my mind about soup in general. This soup, which had some sort of red meat in it, and chunks of veggies, would have fit with with his offerings. It was excellent.

The hotel was cheap, and the party started around 10pm. I had a room at the end, pretty far away, but the music was still pretty loud until around midnight. I decided to sleep in a little, but was anxious for the next day, and Ecuador.

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3 Responses to Columbia Part Two, On the Road to Ecuador

  1. thebigbookofdating says:

    Wonderful adventure photos


  2. Ok after seeing your photos, I am heading to Columbia in the morning.


    • traveling250 says:

      It is very hard to take bad pictures, with some of the scenery I get to ride through every day. And, just so you know, getting to Columbia is pretty easy. There are flights, even for your bike, out of Miami every day.

      So come one down!


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