Trying to camp on a Volcano

November 19th, 2011

Cotopaxi National Park has one of the few equatorial volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi. It is just a bit south of Quito, and is a popular mountain to climb and watch the sunrise (although it is snow covered year round and is supposedly a tough climb).

Also, in the park, is a campground on the side of the volcano, which is where I decided to head.

I had to get through Quito, but it wasn’t too bad. And it wasn’t long before I could see the volcano is the distance.


The road to get the park entrance was dirt, but with the new suspension it was a non-issue. Then I got to the gate and security came over.


No motorcycles allowed. I tried to find out if there was somewhere I could park and hike in, but I don’t think they wanted to understand what I was saying. And, truthfully, I wasn’t sure I liked the idea. I poked around some looking for another way in without much luck, so I stayed in town.


I did watch the sun set on the volcano, but from much further away than I wanted.


I spent some time working out where to go. I was off the route I had planned, which was coastal, so I needed to take some time and sort out if there was anything to see (that allowed motorcycles), or if I should head for the coast and get back on the route I had planned.

And I found out about the Highway of the Waterfalls.

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2 Responses to Trying to camp on a Volcano

  1. That would have been such a nice hike up the Volcano. Oh well you win some and loose some. I have done many things but still have not slept on a volcano. Be safe out there!


  2. Kless says:

    There is snow on top of that volcano..


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