Chan Chan

November 27th, 2011

Just outside Trujillo, Peru (which is a bit down the Pan Am from Chiclayo) is Chan Chan, which is not a stylish night club (at least in this context) but a large, Pre-Columbian Adobe complex built by the Chimor, who came around after the Moche (remember them?)

Since I hadn’t managed to find the Moche’s Sipan I was happy to find the Chimor’s Chan Chan, located between the Pan American and the Pacific Coast.IMG_9176

And since it was Sunday it was even free. I again skipped the non-English speaking guides to walk around on my own.


The complex is pretty huge, and impressive for basically be mud.


I was there for about two hours. Some of the displays were Bi-Lingual, which was nice.


There were a pair of travelers, a Spanish man with his Chilean girlfriend, who told me about a beach where they had camped (in their van). I went there, thinking I could get some camping in,, but it was full of fishing boats and their fisherman and I decided not to. Instead I went to a no-tell hotel, where I actually got locked in (which was different). Bed was comfy though, and I was glad I had food with me.

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  1. Cayden says:

    Keep on writing and chingugg away!


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