Back into the Mountains

November 28th and 29th, 2011

Back when I met all those motorcyclist north of Chiclayo one had mentioned the valley around the city of Huaraz. It was off my route, but they said it wasn’t something I should miss, so I headed that way.

It was pretty awesome.


The road went higher and higher. Curiosity was dealing just fine though.


And the views certainly didn’t get worse.


(This picture just for my sport-touring friends)


As I started down into the valley the rear of the bike got all squirrely. It was flat, but re-inflated (at least for a while) with my compressor. Lucky for me I was within sight of Huaraz, but it took a while to find anyone willing to fix the tube. In the end it was a bicycle shop.


In the end it took three patches, but we had help with the process.


The tire was done as night fell, which let me find somewhere to sleep in the dark. I did manage, though my choice one was full (and it was right near the tire place too).

In the morning I confirmed the tires were still inflated (yes) and hit the road, heading back out of the south end of the valley towards Barranca.


Of course, it never is all scenery. You never know what you are going to find on the road.


I rather like the Incan runner statue.

Eventually the mountains fell behind,


and I reached Barranca. nearby is Caral-Supe (in the Supe Valley), the oldest uncovered archeological site in the America’s. 5000 years old, only Mesopotamia has older ones. But the road is supposed to be a challenge and I decided to wait another day and try it in the morning. Worse, my rear tire was slightly leaking, not bad though. Not enough, I thought, to warrant taking it all apart again. You would think I knew better by now.

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