Rockerbox 2012

Rockerbox, for those of you who didn’t know, is a Milwaukee street festival and motorcycle show. Held in August in the Riverwest Neighborhood, it had grown from being so small it shared street space with other Riverwest fests to so huge it shuts down the whole area.

I enjoy Rockerbox. The Shop, my long time motorcycle mechanics, seem to run most of the even these days. I misses last year, since I was in Canada at the time, but this year I marked it on my calender as soon as I got the date.

There are several Rides to Rockerbox from all parts of the city. I was invited on a couple, but passed. I have never been a fan of riding in groups of people I don’t know, and avoid it even more when those people might be more interested in looking at other motorcycles than not running into me. So I left home on my own and headed for Rockerbox with the plan to arrive at 11am, when the event officially started.

There were several blocks closed off for dedicated motorcycle parking, they were were already surprisingly full.

I parked Curiosity and were almost immediately joined by a couple of friends, who were also there to look at motorcycles but hadn’t joined one of the rides.

I spent some time wandering up and down the road, looking at motorcycles and some of the other things on display.

Not actually old, but still interesting - read carefully

He actually rode this in - looked scarey

Damn Squirrels

I had lunch from one of the food stands on the side of the road, set up by one of the local shops which, normally, didn’t serve food.

Chicken Kabob - not sure about the hummus

While eating I listened to the table next to me reminisce about past Rockerboxes, when there wasn’t food vendors, few vendors of any kind, and only two blocks closed off. I got the impression they missed the old days, but if that was their opinion I didn’t share it. Yeah, it was a lot bigger without necessarily having more quality, but it definitely wasn’t nothing but catalog Harleys, and literally something for everyone. Not everyone was going to like every bike, but if you liked anything motorcycle there was something there for you to stop and stare at.

And how many motorcycle things are like that?

No, Blue, I am not getting you a motorcycle, you're just going to be a hulligan.

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