End of the Year – Where the $@)$? Have I been Post

I’ve been working on a massive fiction project, called Stars to Sail By. With Steampunk aliens, international intrigue, and confused love (Okay, most love is of the confused sort), it started as my 2012 National Novel Writing Month project and has turned into a huge story I very much want to finish and do justice too.

This means I haven’t spent as much time on all things Motorcycle, which is extra specially silly the Motorcycle things pay the bills (fiction buys me a coffee most months). For those of you who are eager for updates and info, I have some.
Curiosity is at The Shop – Milwaukee’s Classic Motorcycle Wrenchworks. These gods of the mechanical have agreed to work on my poor, old, and abused 250 inbetween their other, way (WAY) cooler projects. Their Facebook Page is new and I don’t know how often they plan on updating it, but Like it anyway.
Whats being done? Well, there’s quite a list. The big thing is the head stem bearings, which are of the old, ball, sort, are being replaced with modern tapered ones. Lesser things are cable lubes, chain replacements, brakes, and wheel bearings. I don’t exactly know when I’ll get it back, poor thing, but I asked for no later than late March.
Why late March? Well so I can put some miles on before heading for the Overland Expo in May, of course. If you haven’t gone I can recommend it based on my visit there in 2011. I am hoping to present there in 2013, though haven’t heard yet. Whether or not I am presenting I will be there, with Curiosity, probably following Ara and Spirit around hoping for leftovers.
And I haven’t completely ignored the world of two wheels as much as I implied. I did write a short eBook called Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying an Adventure Motorcycle. It came out in early December, not the best time for an eBook I’ll admit, but sales have been good and I like how it turned out.
So, with Christmas just around the corner, and New Years after that, I will be busy with all that holiday stuff (like a lot of you, I expect). The Vintage Motorcycle Club here in Milwaukee is having a ride on New Years Day, which I have every intention of attending (though without Curiosity it won’t be the same), and will share that on this space. I also took a ride up to Canada for the Horizons Unlimited Canada East meet (also not on Curiosity, but on two wheels) I have partly written up. It will probably appear early next year.
Until all that starts up again, remember to head over to the Going Small Facebook page, which I will be updating more often in the coming year, and to ride safe, ride small, and watch out for squirrels.
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