Chicago IMS Show-Part Two

As you might have guessed from my previous post, the show wasn’t all motorcycles. In fact, there are a lot of things targeting aspects of motorcycle culture, rather than riding.


I know this sort of stuff sells, I mean I was there watching people spend money on it. But I have to wonder sometimes.


It wasn’t all – well stuff like this. There were also sunglasses.


Sadly, since I wear prescription glasses they weren’t able to tempt me. Even the ones with little foamy things to seal out the wind.

Okay, there were real vendors there too, selling things that were intended to actually be useful to the motorcycling public. No-Mor, a home tire-changing machine, had a large booth (as I seem to remember them always having) and were just cycling through demos, taking tires on and off the same few rims.


I’ve changed my own tires with lever on the side of the road, and will admit this looked easier, though it also looked like it would be a lot harder to pack. It also didn’t have the crowd of on-lookers I’ve seen in years past, though that might have been timing on my part.

Progressive sponsors the IMS, though Allstate


And Geico


were both there. There were a few new products for riders too, including this jacket with built in lights.


The jacket looked pretty cool, though the vendor wasn’t the manufacturer and didn’t know much about it. The lights came in blue only, and were clearly visible (flashing) on the showroom floor. Only one version was available, and the armor didn’t seem that great, but the idea was cool.

There were also motorcycle associations, tour companies, shipping companies (to the bike week of your choice, though they also offered international shipping) and places selling patches.


and t-shirts


And people wonder by the police have poor attitudes towards motorcyclists.

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