A Rally!

The Pace Motorcycle Podcast is hosting a rally this year, from the Spring Equinox to the Fall Equinox. It’s not a rally like Sturgis, with scantily clad women and frightening amounts of alcohol, but a phototag rally. Riders have a list of bonus locations with point values, and ride to places in each category to take a picture with their motorcycle and rally number –


Blue’s backpack isn’t fixed yet, so I wasn’t going be bringing him along this time.

I had a day off, and it wasn’t too cold, so I decided to take a couple of hours and do pick up a few locations around the city. Milwaukee has a lot of bonus locations, though I don’t think the idea of the rally is to stay within 20 miles of home. I am not planning on it, in any case.


It was actually colder than I thought, and I didn’t bring my warm gloves, but since I was staying in town it wasn’t that big of a deal. While I have little chance to win, since I still spend too much of my free time writing instead of riding, it should be fun and the summer is just starting (or hasn’t started yet, depending on your point of view). The Pace has (sorta) promised to post standings as the summer progresses though right now all they have are some galleries showing various rider’s photos so far. You can see how many are in each gallery and get an idea of who is where on the points list.

It’s not too late to join in – but even if you don’t you should listen to their podcast. Oh, and those nerd guys too.

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