Re-Entry Fail

Recently I was given free tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers game. I am not a crazy fan of baseball, but I like going to things. After being a little sad that, given the short notice, no one was willing to come with, I rode to Miller Park on Suffering after stopping to get some tailgating food.

I was the only motorcycle there, and it was cold, about 40 with the temps expected to be below freezing by the time the game was over (that was why I rode the larger Suffering, with it’s big windshield it’s a lot warmer). Since motorcycle’s get their own parking area, I was off on my own. I guess that was okay. I locked my helmet on the motorcycle (yes, it would get cold, but I didn’t want to have to deal with it inside) and walked in.

I was happy to learn the inside was heated, something I wasn’t sure about when I took the tickets. I was also way before game time and there was still a bunch of stuff on the field.20130402_181253

I hadn’t been to a game (for fun) since I’d come back from my trip, though I had been at one for work last fall. It’s not the same thing, since I had to think about other stuff and this time I could just relax.

I took a walk around the stadium, looking to see what changes have popped up. There weren’t many, since last year any way, other than a favorite coffee shop was gone. I headed for the seats to find they were much better than I expected. In fact, they might have been the best seats I’ve ever had.


I shared this picture with a comment about being killed later by a foul ball. In fact, three foul balls came close enough to be a worry, one in play and two behind me. I did live, though, in case there was doubt.

The game started and the Brewers, not really a powerhouse team, didn’t initially suck. The huge screen was pretty cool. It wasn’t new (I think), but this was the first time I’d been able to just sit and look at it.


They didn’t show most replays on it, which was probably for the best since the crowd didn’t seem to like the umpires calls. Mostly when they called Brewers out. I guess that is “home field advantage.”

Later in the game was the sausage race, something of a tradition for Milwaukee baseball. A few years ago a visiting team member hit one of them as they ran past the dugout. Nothing like that happened this time, though.


I got some nachos, since I like nachos, and a soda. I passed on the souvenir cup, though maybe I should have sprung for it. This was only the second game of the season, and I’m hoping to get to another one. No beer, since I had to ride home, and even with the long game (just short of four hours) I didn’t want to drink then ride. The six people behind me, also enjoying their above average seats, didn’t seem to have a problem with drinking then having to drink, noting that after they stopped selling alcohol (the end of the 7th inning) they still had beer in the car.

I was torn between leaving early to avoid them, or waiting extra long. In the end I stayed to the end of the game, and didn’t take any special precautions when I left. The parking lot emptied quickly anyway, and I let the bike warm up extra long since it was pretty cold.


Not exactly the end of the game, but functionally it was. It was after 11pm when I walked out of the stadium. Despite the loss, it was an awesome time, and sharing pictures worked well to make people jealous, who had passed on my extra ticket.

Okay, not a lot of motorcycle pictures this time. I am riding, I swear.

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2 Responses to Re-Entry Fail

  1. joseph says:

    Motorcycles in southern Wisconsin gives me hope that I will be riding up in Northern Wi soon! Thanks for the story. I need to get down there and see a game.


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