More Upgrades to the Little One

With my trip to the Overland Expo now about a week away, I am doing a few last minute things to Curiosity for the trip. A week or so ago the Regulator/Rectifier failed (I think it was on the way back from the Moonshine Run, but can’t be sure), and I wanted to take care of some other things as well.

The switched power cable I’d installed for my phone (so I could use it as a GPS) wasn’t working, so I removed that and reinstalled the garmin cable, so I have a back up. I am still shopping for the perfect GPS app, but that will be another post.

The biggest thing I wanted to change was the gearing. Since Curiosity is a street bike, it isn’t gear as short as a dirt bike would be, but it still can be a bit buzzy at freeway speeds. I wanted to change the gear ratio to something taller, so it would have a (theoretical) higher top speed, better fuel economy, and less vibrations for long days.

It didn’t look like there was enough room for the front gear to be larger, but I quickly found out that no one makes a smaller rear sprocket, so I had to go larger on the front. Stock was 16, so I went with the 17 tooth option (which was also the largest, they went down to 14. I don’t know what was stock on the XT).

First things first though, and that was the Reg/ret. I ordered an aftermarket model from Caltric from Amazon, which arrived a day early. It was larger than the OEM model, which is something of a weakness on the SR250.


The size difference required a trip to the hardware store for longer bolts, the stock ones weren’t even close.


Other than this little wrinkle, the install went smoothly. I tried to film it for YouTube, but it was windy out and the audio is pretty bad. I will have to put some thought into dealing with that in the future.





Perhaps also a bit hard to see, but the meter reads 13.47 – before the change it was around 11.7 at these revs – which meant the bike was actually draining the battery.

With that done I set about the gearing.


That’s the new gear, already installed. When I first put it on, the chain wasn’t quite long enough to slip back onto both sprockets. I had to remove and reinstall the masterlink, and the Shop donated a few extra links from their bits bin incase I would need the extra length.20130426_185350

I didn’t need to add any links (which was good since it meant I didn’t need to have two master links), but had to have the adjustment all the way forward (you can see it there, by the axil).

I filmed this too, and it went a little better. I will be working on that, but have decided (for now) to work on maintaining these written blogs first and work on expanding into vlogging later. Simpler videos too, I have found myself trying to do too much and getting frustrated.

Anyway, I still have a few little things to fix (my bike-mounted voltmeter shares a ground with my right turn signal in the headlight bucket, when I use the signal the voltmeter resets – annoying but that is all). Leaving on May 6th means I don’t have much time left, but there is no longer anything I need to get done before I hit the road.

Yup, I’m excited.

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