Overland Expo Road Trip, Day One

I wanted to hit the road this morning around 730, and will admit to being more than a little impressed with myself for actually leaving at 815, far less of a delay than I was expecting.


Curiosity was heavier than I’d have liked, since I’m carrying some extra stuff to use for my presentations, and I’m trying a kitchen box. Its to keep my cooking stuff separate from my tools, since they travel in the same sidebag. While more organised, the box takes up more room and I have to rearrange a little for it to work. I admit to having mixed feelings over it so far, though it did make setting up the kitchen to make lunch today a lot easier.


We rode over 300 miles today, I was struggling to stay awake and focused in the afternoon which led to more stops. I spent a while at Funk’s Grove, which is part of Illinois historic route 66.



Blue got in on the action, posing with the display.


The stretch of land between Bloomington and St Louis is full of small towns, museums about Lincoln, and poverty. Also beautiful parks.


I wonder where the ugly parks are.

We managed our target area, stopping to camp around 6 near Litchfield. Apparently they’ve been getting rain off and on all day, and there is a chance of storms tonight, so I decided the “anywhere is fine” meant I could set up in the picnic shelter.


No ones yelled at me yet, so it must be okay. Some pretty dark clouds seem to be rolling in, though it might also just be sunset. Smells and feels like rain though.

Tomorrow I’m a) getting off the interstate for a while and b) eating at Waffle House.

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  1. Good post… Ride safe…


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