Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Three

Third day on the road, and I’ll admit to a certain amount of fatigue. Clearly, I am out of practise, and the short ride (relatively) to Moonshine wasn’t enough to get all the rust off. Or callouses back.

I slept in the hammock last night, mostly because I could. I’d forgotten how comfortable that thing is, though I’m also out of practise setting it up.


I think the ridgeline is slipping inside, though I’m not sure how or why. Its definitely not as deep as it had been.

I fell asleep quickly and slept 10 hours, waking rested, though I also got a bad cramp when I tried to get out. A bit embarrassing, but it was 630 and no one was around to notice. It took me 40 minutes to shower, eat  and pack, which was way less than it took to get set up, and I was on the road crazy early.

Since I was out of fruit I stopped in Newport to get some bananas, and picked up a yogurt while I was there. I’d wanted a donut, but there were only large boxes to be had. I filled Curiosity and hit the road.

An hour or so later I stopped for a break and, seeing a large convienence store, decided try for donuts again. All this place had was Krispy Kreme, disappointing, but I got some anyway.


I had a choice of 67 or I30, and stayed on the interstate. 67 hadn’t been much better, and without rest areas or services signs. Late morning I stopped for gas and a cold drink. After filling up and while I was lunging in the shade the staff person came out and dropped the price 3c a gallon, so I’d paid almost 6c more than I would’ve at the new price.



Lunch was in a rest area, where I recorded a short vlog, and not long after that I rolled into Texas.


The visitor center was air conditioned and wonderful, and I forgot to ask about the Texas or Alamo. I wanted to be online for Motochat, a weekly twitter conversation about motorcycles, and time was running short. I found a gas station and then a McDonalds (free wifi), and lost about an hour and 20 minutes playing on the internet. I had a lot of email piled up, including some stuff I’d needed to reply to.

Back on the road I set my sights for a state park about an hour away (cabbo lake). One of the towns nearby had caught my attention.


I got here about 530, found a spot and set up. While I could’ve ha mocked again (given the heat I may wish I had), but wanted to try the new pad on the ground.


Also the tent meant I could be near the water. More bugs that way.

Back on the road tomorrow.

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One Response to Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Three

  1. Welcome to Texas… Did you mean Caddo Lake instead Cabbo?
    Traveling by 2 wheels vs. 4 is more exhausting but a lot more fun… as you well know. Good read.


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