Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Four

The state park I camped in seemed deserted, though really it was just the tents-only loop I was on. I had picked a site near the water, and the frogs and birds were loud enough to wake me up in the morning.


So I can totally recommend it, if you happen to be in the area. Its right near Uncertain –


Which might be the greatest name for a town ever.

Today was the first day since leaving where I didn’t have sunshine at all. In fact is often felt like rain, and I stopped to put my pant liners back in, just in case. I did have a witness.


It was a grocery store parking lot, and I loitered for a few minutes to snack and watch traffic. A certain, subtle racism occurred to me, as all the African Americans used one drive, off to the side and almost behind the store, while whites used the one out front. There weren’t signs, of course, but it showed there was a clear split in where people lived, and how whoever built the store and its parking lot felt about it.

I had two goals for the day, one to get into the area of Houston so I could see the USS Texas tomorrow (Friday) and to get some decent BBQ.


Selecting the right place can be tricky – there are chains and fast food type places offering BBQ, but you need to find a smaller place, preferably with a lot of locals out front. I know there aren’t any in the picture, but I had a good feeling about this place, and it was 1115, a bit early.

Pit Stop did not disappoint.


Apart from being way over budget and more food than I’ve had at a single meal on this whole trip, it was fantastic. I completely differed to Chuck, who was I’m charge of loading food onto the plates, other than taking the double slaw option, instead of beans. I just don’t like beans.

About an hour and ten minutes later, when I felt like I could walk again, I got back on Curiosity and continued south. There were large storms to the west, over Dallas and Austin, but they didn’t seem to be moving much. Smaller storms were popping up along my route, so I did get rained on some, but it was a nonevent.

I had thought about riding through Houston and finding somewhere near Galveston to camp, but the long lunch had made me tired and I just didn’t feel up to city traffic. Stopping north of Houston. Meant I would be in the path of the storms, so I angled east, finding a private campground on Galveston Bay, a place called Tri-City Beach.

Its way more developed than I was expecting, although I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Frog noise won’t be a problem, but I have bail options if severe storms to hit. And it is on the bay, though I couldn’t find the beach.


Somewhat gloomy, I know. I blame the rain.

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One Response to Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Four

  1. I’m going to thank you for the rain… It happens when you ride… and we need rain badly here in Central Texas… I hope you also stop at the San Jacinto Monument when you see the Battleship Texas. Both are great stops. I hope to be riding that way in a couple days when I ride the Texas Independence Trail. It will include Alamo, San Jacinto monument, Washington on the Brazos, West Columbia the first Capitol of Texas (my hometown), Gonzales Memorial Museum,& Espiritu Santo Mission at Goliad to name a few. There are a lot of missions around San Antonio that are worth a look if you have time…

    Ride safe…


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