Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Seven

One week gone. I am not completely happy with the pace I’ve been setting, especially today when I knew I had plenty of time. I rode over 400 miles, almost to Roswell, before stopping.

I did stop to look at the Odessa Crater, the second largest meteor crater in the USA.


Although, to be honest, there isn’t much to see. The crater was almost completely filled in long ago, and its only the depression and different rock composition that show where it is. There had been a hole dug with scaffolding you could go down to the bottom, under all the dirt that had filled it in, but the scaffold burned down in the 50s and they just cemented over the hole.

Apart from that bit of tourism all I did was ride and ride more. In New Mexico I found a state park, although it was already late and I was starting to consider stealth camping. Long day and I was tired, but this place came along and I took it. The sunset was amazing.


And I had company to watch it.


Having seen them both I am confident an Alaskan Rabbit can take the New Mexico version anytime it wants.

The sun has set now and the sky is filling with stars the way that only happens in the desert. You should come see.

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