Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Eight

Oops, it seems I forgot to write this one. Not sure how I managed that, since I had time. All well.

I went through Roswell and looked at all the Alien stuff, and there is a lot of it.




I didn’t visit the museum this, having stopped there in 2011 when I last headed to the expo. In fact, I continued on that old route, stopping in Capitan to visit one of Blue’s famous relatives.


After paying our respects we stopped at the Smokey Bear restaurant, just blocks away, and I ordered the special –


It was pretty good, but not spectacular.

Back on the road, I tried to slow down some. I was logging a lot of miles, more than 300 a day and a couple over 400 – way more than I needed. Fatigue for me was a concern, and of course I was beating on Curiosity pretty hard. But, it’s easier to say “stop more often” than actually do it.


Just outside Capitan I met a KLR rider, dealing with a puncture. He’d already been stuck on the side of the road overnight, while his friend went to get a replacement tube – the current tube resisting being patches. He had all the tools he needed, more water than I did, and declined my offer of a spare tube (not the right size, but it would get him mobile). He expected his friend back within an hour or so, and even thought he had the punctured tube patched at last.

He told me about a rest area south of Albuquerque which was good for overnighting. I got there a little early, but saw what he meant. I’ve slept at rest areas before, on picnic tables under roofs, but never at one with little cabins.


I watched the sun set and the set up my stuff. I actually sport pretty well.

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