Overland Expo Road Trip, Day Nine

I don’t know what my problem is with blog writing lately, although this one a day this is a bit of a chore (which its supposed to be, duh.)

I actually slept really well in the rest area, waking up around 6, packing and heading to the petroglyph national monument. My GPS seemed to be taking me in a different direction than the signs, so I followed to signs to the visitor center.


As it turns out, my GPS had the right idea. There are no petroglyphes at the visitor center, though there were chili’s.


The petroglyphes are spread out over a large area, so I picked one and headed for it. While technically free, there was a $1 parking fee, which I had to self pay.


The petroglyphes were all over the rocks, and there were several trails to follow. I hiked a couple, and while the Pueblo people (and their predecessors) didn’t have a written language, they clearly liked to draw.




I spend about three hours hiking, leaving as a school group showed up. I hoped on I-40, basically the only road I could take to flagstaff, and started west.

The winds were brutal, more or less right in my face and Curiosity, due for a valve adjustment, struggled to hold freeway speeds. I had hoped to camp at the Petrified Forest National Park, but learned there wasn’t actually camping there. After wasting a couple hours looking at private campgrounds I ended up in a state park, almost an hour away. As the wind beat at the tent I consoled myself I’d be riding with it in the morning.


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