Overland Expo Road Trip, The Last Post

These last two days of my ride home have been more about getting there than enjoying much along the way. It isn’t my preferred way to travel, but life places requirements on us all.


The trip has been awesome, not just the expo (which was a whole new level of awesome), but my wandering to and from it. It hasn’t quite been like being back in the road, but still nice. Of course, I know some people might disagree with a 3 week trip “not being on the road,” but thats how I feel.

Everything is a lot more green, compared to when I started south. It doesn’t seem much warmer, though, and the Midwest is being pummeled with storms. My jacket seems to have lost it’s waterproofing, so avoiding rain (temps are mostly the 40s and 50s) is important.

I should be back in Milwaukee late afternoon, assuming my cat lets me in. Curiosity has logged over 4,000 miles on this trip and is due for fresh oil and valve adjustments (again). I think I need to pull the air filter too.

So, back to work for me, and back to planning the next trip.

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1 Response to Overland Expo Road Trip, The Last Post

  1. David Narens says:

    Welcome home, thanks for posting about your trip I enjoyed tagging along…..


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