At the Expo – Friday (Day One)

The Overland Expo officially started at 8 in the morning, with “Opening Remarks.” Instructors were supposed to be there, and my first class was at 10 so I was up. There was another instructor meeting in the morning, but we had been told the daily meetings were for people who had problems. I didn’t have any problems.


It was bright and sunny, though colder than what I though AZ was supposed to be. I guess we were high up, and the elevation affected the temperature. It was actually pleasant during the day, chilly at night but not so much that I froze in the sleeping bag.

The opening remarks were in the area, where various skill demos would be held over the weekend. Right now it was just the three people at whose feet lay most of the blame for the rest of us being there.


The bleachers weren’t that full –


Sitting near the top of the bleachers also let me get a look at the open camping area for the trucks, and  the number of them already there.


People were saying most of the attendees wouldn’t arrive until later that day, and this wasn’t any of the motorcyclists. I was pretty sure it was twice the number that had been there in 2011.

No pressure.

After the opening remarks I went back to Base Camp and packed up Curiosity. My first (and last, later in the weekend) talk was on packing light, and I was using Curiosity as a prop, along with my travel kit. It was at 10, the second class of the day, so I had time.

There are pictures of my teaching, but I couldn’t find any to share, Guess you had to be there. I will admit to not expecting many people. Well, any people to be honest, but my class was a bit larger than the one before me, and it seemed to go well. People were taking notes, which was a surprise (though it shouldn’t have been, it was a class after all). Some people I knew were there, which was nice, and I got good reviews from them. More important, I had people walking up to me the rest of the day saying my class had been awesome and one of the best they had attended so far.

With the class over I took Curiosity back to Base Camp, and got my sleeping bag and such unpacked. With that done, I decided to run back to Flagstaff and pick up a few things. We had been short of cups the night before, and I wanted to add to the wine collection, since I’d been drinking some.

Back from the errand I had lunch and then tried for another walk around the Expo.



Before long it was evening and Happy Hour. This was a social event every night, a large tent and tables were set up, and if you had the Overland Experience package (extra when you signed up) you got a free drink ticket. There was an impressive selection, and food available for purchase. I bought dinner, since I wanted to support the venue, and I wasn’t the only one.


After dinner was an anniversary party for Sandy and Terry, the elder pair of the Adventure Trio. There was cake, and pictures, and speeches


And then there was more drinking, and cake. Yes, I have more pictures, no you aren’t going to get to see them.

I left earlier than some, since I had an 8am class the next morning and wanted to be responsible. I do feel a little bad, since that meant I was there to help clean up later, the room also had an 8am class, but it felt good to sleep.

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