At the Expo–Sunday (Day Three)

Sunday morning  the classes start later, and the various vendors are encouraged to cook breakfast for the attendees. Given the amount of cooking stuff for sale, it makes more sense than you would think at first.

The Adventure Trio, while not technically a vendor, still got into the act with breakfast at the base camp.


Perhaps not “Balanced,” but who cares? And it was friggin delicious.

Alison Delapp, Bill Dwyer, and I headed for the vendor area to see what else was available. We managed to get some quesadilla, biscuits, more bacon, and juice, but spent most of the time talking with attendees who had seen one or more of our presentations (Bill had been on several roundtables). Alison hadn’t actually presented yet, she was in the first group that morning, so we cut the walk short and headed back so she could review her slides.


I’m not going to say she was nervous, but it is possible she didn’t fully appreciate the heckling.

Her presentation went fine, apart from some technical issues before she even started, and I caught the beginning of Chris Scott’s 250 in the Southwest presentation. I didn’t have any more classes and was totally free to slack off, something I took some advantage of.


There is always something going on, somewhere, at the expo, and I was greeted with all kinds of sights as I walked around in the afternoon. I realized I hadn’t taken enough pictures, and tried to make up for it.




I seriously hoped those weren’t all from our camp, but I couldn’t rule it out.

Too soon it was time for the last event of the expo, the closing BBQ. The food was excellent, and I was still meeting new people. I ate too much, of course, and listened to Roseann’s closing remarks –


The whole weekend was an excellent time, and I wouldn’t might doing it again the next weekend, though that probably would take some of the wonder out of it. Not to mention it would probably cause mental breakdowns among the staff and that just wouldn’t do.

After the BBQ we walked back to camp, only to see this –


We’d seen the giant RV with color matched trailer all weekend, but now we learned the trailer was to haul the Land Rover and it’s trailer (they both fit inside). The trailer also held spares, tools, and other sundry items. It was a shocking reminder of how different life can be for some of the 4 wheeler types. I know they don’t all travel like this, but still. Wow.


There was a small party in the evening for some of the presenters, and I got to listen to stories from the Duvals (who seem to have an endless supply) before calling it a night. All that was left was the ride home.

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1 Response to At the Expo–Sunday (Day Three)

  1. David says:

    For the heck of it, I’ve looked up prices for those trailers–they are a down payment on a house.


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