Horizons Unlimited Ontario, Part One

I have been a fan of Horizons Unlimited for years before my trip. There is something empowering about that website that ADVRider lacks. Perhaps it’s the steady undercurrent of “You need to stop reading ride reports and get on the road already.” It’s a bit of a dangerous site to hang out on.

One of the things HU does is host meets all over the world. There are, now, five in North America (California, British Columbia, Colorado, North Carolina, Ontario), and I signed up to give presentations and otherwise talk at the Ontario meet in September.

Now, I went to the same event in 2012, when it was cold and snowy. We camped in a field with a couple porta-potties, and a single (unheated) tent for presenters. Since there were generally more than one presentation going on at a time, that meant others got to be outside. It wasn’t the best, but there were a lot of people there anyway and a good time was had.

This year the venue changed, though it was still in September so weather was going to be a factor. I am unashamed to admit being a little nervous about venturing north so late in the year, but like I said – I like to support HU.

In 2012 I went along the north shore of Lake Superior. It was pretty, but cold and the waterfalls along that coast were strangled by a year of drought. There wasn’t a drought this time, but I opted to stay south of Superior this time and head for Whitefish Point. The Shipwreck Museum was something I’ve wanted to see for years, and something always happens to make me miss it. I was dedicated this time, and figured heading there right away would help.


I started north, taking the highway through Green Bay, much the same route I had taken earlier in the year to visit friends on the other side of Lake Michigan. Since I left in the morning this time, I had more time on the first day, reaching the Upper Penisula of Michigan (the state) in the evening. I found a camp site in a nice rustic area, setting up the hammock as the sky was filled with clouds and mosquitoes. It was a nice site, but I had missed the stagnent pool off in the woods.


I made dinner, some how ending up with more than I can eat. That happens sometimes, though I had only had a light lunch.


It had cooled off some as well, and I quickly got tired of fighting the mozzies for my food and fled into the hammock. It rained some, during the night, which I knew from things being wet in the morning. I slept very well.

Whitefish Point was within easy reach, so I decided to make another stop on the way, to see some waterfalls.

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