A Rock and Road Trip–Part Two

We woke early (because Sue seems incapable of sleeping in) and had breakfast at the hotel. I don’t usually have hotel breakfasts, since I tend towards cheap places that don’t offer it. I’ve always thought the savings was going to be enough for a nice breakfast somewhere else, and this hotel’s cold cereal, waffles, and juice sure wasn’t going to change my mind.

We had come to Cleveland with one destination in mind – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was somewhere I’d never been, though I’ve wanted to go for years (I want to go everywhere). Sue, however, enjoys music at a much deeper level than I do and it was on her short list of stops.

Photo Dec 07, 10 01 50 AM

If you haven’t been, the Hall of Fame is right next to the Brown’s stadium and Lake Erie. I’d checked to make sure the team didn’t have a game that weekend, but there was nothing to do about the bitterly cold wind coming off the lake. We quickly went inside.

Photo Dec 07, 10 08 41 AM

We were greeted immediately at the door and told we weren’t allowed to take any video while inside the museum. I tried the Blue card, but the guy seemed serious about it. Pictures, however, were fine.

The museum starts on the lowest level, below the entrance, and works up. Expect for the top floors, which were entirely devoted to the featured artists (The Rolling Stones when we visited), the exhibits were chronological and started with the jazz and blues that led to the first few “true” Rock and Roll stars. They were also not USA specific, but hopped back and forth across the Atlantic to catch new trends in England before the reached here.

Photo Dec 07, 10 55 49 AM

Photo Dec 07, 10 56 44 AM (1)

Most of it I’d never heard of before. There were parts of the history I’d remembered reading here or there and some of the stars were just so famous as to get through even my “who sings that?” level of music knowledge. Other’s I’d actually listened to and knew quite well.

Photo Dec 07, 11 34 12 AM

Photo Dec 07, 11 40 28 AM

And there were artists I think everyone has heard of –

Photo Dec 07, 11 46 00 AM

But it wasn’t all the huge blockbuster bands. There were nods and acknowledgements to smaller groups who, while they were never huge, nonetheless affected the sound of rock and roll for the bands that came later.

Photo Dec 07, 12 17 35 PM

Okay, I happen to like Devo.

We had an expensive but decent lunch in the museum and then headed for the Rolling Stones exhibits. They took up the last two floors, and the entrance was…appropriate.

Photo Dec 07, 2 15 03 PM

Most of the exhibits were actual costumes, instruments, and inventories for shows they’d preformed.

Photo Dec 07, 2 33 25 PM

The drank a lot. But I guess we all knew that.

There were also short quotes from the band members about the ideas they had when they started out. The Stones were contemporaries of the Beatles, and they didn’t want to become another clean cut British boy band, even though they were all the rage at the time.

Photo Dec 07, 2 17 58 PM

Later on, even the band acknowledged they had strayed very far down a rather dark path, it was interesting to read how their attitudes changed over the decades.

Photo Dec 07, 2 31 46 PM

We headed back out of the museum as it was getting late, stopping to look at The Wall on the way.

Photo Dec 07, 2 53 51 PM

As we were exiting the museum I asked one of the worker were we should go to eat for dinner, and we were sent to the City Market – which was located in near this amazing market.

Photo Dec 07, 4 20 47 PM

Honestly, I probably could have eaten there.

Photo Dec 07, 4 34 16 PM

We walked over to the restaurant and sat next to a fireplace while we waited for a table. We had gotten chilled and I was tired from all the walking. Clearly I wasn’t in as good as shape as I had been, though I am willing to blame the cold for taking some of my energy. After dinner we went back to the hotel and sleep.


Sigh – yes the Hall of Fame did have stuff for modern music stars as well.

Photo Dec 07, 12 25 29 PM

Some Lady Gaga costume. Happy?



We drove back to Milwaukee the next day, again into a snow storm (which was a theme for us, apparently). Once near my house, I convinced Sue to stop for some pizza at my favorite place – Classic Slice – before heading home.

Photo Dec 08, 5 33 40 PM

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