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Road Trip Changes

I’ve been a solo rider for all my motorcycling life. While there might be occasional shared trips, or long passengers in the Ural, if you looked at my total miles 99% of them have been in my own. This is … Continue reading

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A weekend away

She’s family has a property on Lake Buelah. When I first heard of it, and it’s boat house, I pictured a small, rundown building and tiny, seaweed encrusted lake. Since I’d met her in Fall and we hadn’t really started … Continue reading

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My Summer of Discontent

I’ve been back from the Overland Expo for a while now, here it is mid July already. Since that trip I’ve only been on one motorcycle trip, which I took few pictures off, going back to a friend’s house in … Continue reading

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Overland Expo 2014, Part Five

I am not a mormon. Just thought I’d get that out of the way early. Leaving Bonneville, I headed into Salt Lake City to see The Temple. It’s one of those things I just feel like I should visit, well … Continue reading

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