Overland Expo 2014, Part Three

Monday morning I packed and stopped in Flagstaff to ship a box of things back to Milwaukee. I had a few books left over, and had picked up several things while at he expo that I didn’t want to have to find room for on Curiosity. I had packed too much for the ride to Arizona, opting not to ship anything other than books. Looking back that was a foolish choice and I didn’t hesitate to send everything extra back to Wisconsin.

There were goodbyes to be said, then it was time to leave. I had decided not to take the direct route home, heading north towards Salt Lake City and then east from the there. It was longer, but I wanted to see more things on the way back, and the weather had turned into something like summer.

So, I rode Northwest, bypassing all the spots in Utah most of the people leaving the Overland Expo were probably headed and made for Hoover Dam.


It may seem like a surprise, but I’d never actually been to Hoover Dam or Lake Mead. I’d heard the lake level was dropping, and quickly, but I was still surprised at how low it was.


I didn’t manage my time well, and spend so long looking at things on top of the dam the visitor center was closed when I went to go inside. Okay, I actually hadn’t been paying attention to time at all, and it felt a lot earlier in the day than it was. I had thought about camping on the lake, there were several options, but decided I would check another place of my list – Vegas.


Yup, I’d never been to Vegas either. I found a hotel just off the strip (much cheaper), showered and went for a walk to check out the neon and sights.







It is a town for tourists – at least the strip is. I didn’t wander too far on to the side streets, as I probably would have if I’d been there during the say. There were performers on most blocks, and some people just sitting with hats and cups out, their heads down and eyes closed. Scantily clad showgirls were available for pictures (for a small fee) and people were handing out cards with a phone number, guaranteeing a woman to your room in 20 minutes. I wondered how that could be legal, but as it turns out, there isn’t anything illegal about having a woman to your room in 20 minutes, it’s the things than happen after that which may or may not be okay.

I had dinner on the strip and walked until after midnight – a long day and my feet and legs were tired. The hotel bed was surprisingly comfortable.

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