Overland Expo 2014, Part Five

I am not a mormon. Just thought I’d get that out of the way early.

Leaving Bonneville, I headed into Salt Lake City to see The Temple. It’s one of those things I just feel like I should visit, well that and the tabernacle, and it’s been on my To See list for years. It actually isn’t that easy to get to, the interstates don’t pass particularly nearby, but there are signs and once in the area parking was pretty easy. Maybe I was supposed to pay.

pic 1

There is a high wall around the – can I call it a compund or does that make it creepy? Anyway, high wall. There are a few gates, each of which has a small visitor center (yes, seperate for each gate). Each one had a couple of attractive young woman there to greet people as they came in, complete with sexy foreign accents. I not saying that was planned, it was probably just who was working that day, along with the woman traveling in pairs all over the grounds, asking if I had questions.

The tabernacle was, sadly, closed for recording. Not much I can do about that, and there were a lot of other things too look at. In fact, most of the, um, compound, was well landscaped, like a nice park. There were people just sitting and eatting their lunch while others were taking pictures of everything.

pic 2

pic 3pic 4

Leaving Salt Lake it was the start of a long slog across country. I had planned to get off the interstate at this point, but trying to shave a day off the trip to meet Sue changed the pace of the ride. So, it was the might I-80, at least as far as Iowa. It’s a road I’ve been on a lot and I know all the stops and distances, but it was still fun to ride over the last pass, where the clouds were just above my head, down on tothe start of the plans and the smells of recently cut grass. And cows.

pic 5

The increased speed also meant longer riding days and hotel, rather than camping. This made me sad, but Sue knew that and made sure she found us somewhere nice to stay.

pic 6 pic 7

pic 8

Mineral Point, WI is a small town I’ve passed often over the years. It was full of cool historic buldings (which Sue loves), but had the feeling of a town on the brink of death. Blocks of empty stores and vacent streets on a nice weekend. Then we went to a bar and grill, choosen at random, and it was packed, had fantastic food, and felt full of engery and life. It was a strange contrast to the row of stores and houses for rent on the road outside.

pic 9 pic 10

The next day we started back to Milwaukee, with a stop in New Glarus for cold drinks and to walk around some. There was a music festival there, and the crowd was a change from Mineral Point.

pic 11 pic 12

The ride was nice, and the firs time she and I rode an distance together. I am not sued to riding with someone, and at the end of a long trip was more than usually nervous (my butt hurt some too, the longer than usual days taking their toll), but Sue didn’t seem to care when I stopped or started, and let me take breaks when I needed to. It was nice to share with her, and gives me hope for rides in the future.

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