A Long Weekend – Part Three

I had an alarm set, which woke me as I dozed in the hammock. Sue, in the tent, heard it too. We both got up and cleaned up the camp a bit before hoping on the bikes for a ride. The Sport-Touring.net community in the local region(4) meets regularly for social events, and there was one nearby in Nooksa that evening. We hadn’t been sure about going, but couldn’t pass on the pizza.
But I get ahead of myself. First we rode. The weather had stayed nice all day, so we left early and took a scenic route, saving the direct path for the return ride to camp that night. Central Wisconsin doesn’t have the quality of roads the Southeast does, but they aren’t bad. We passed over a couple rivers and along a lake.
We arrived a bit early, but after most of the other attendees, who already had a table and drinks. Sue and I joined them and we started sharing stories. Most of them had gotten hotels In the area, Sue and I were the only campers. The rest of the group arrived and we placed pizza orders, then proceeded to devour them. There were 8 or 9 pizzas total, and little survived.
As pizza was finishing we noticed one small thunderstorm was headed right for our restaurant, and the camp. We decided to wait it out, rather than ride in the rain, and hung out a while longer before leaving. When we did it was dark, and late. Curiosity doesn’t have a great headlight, and I don’t ride at night much. This half hour ride reminded me why.
In the morning we were again up and packing. There was a second food event, this one in Wisconsin Dells, a town and tourist trap northwest of Madison. Paul Bunyan Cook shanty was where I first met this group of motorcyclists on a chilly October Sunday years ago. There were only a few people there, and we’d gone every year since, though it was usually in August now. Slightly less chance of snow.
Paul Bunyans offers an all you can eat breakfast with table service and fantastic donuts. Seriously, the donuts alone are worth it. Sadly, I was too busy socializing to take many pictures, so you’ll just have to go.
Sue had (so she claimed) never just hung out in the dells, and we talking about spending the afternoon there, but we were starting to get tired from the full weekend and decided instead to take a meandering route home. Sue had also never ridden the Merrimac ferry (she had see it from the lake) so we headed there. Just before arriving Curiosity became much louder, and when we reached the ferry I found a hole in the bottom of the exhaust. No idea how that happened, but I’d have to deal with it the rest of the ride home.
The ferry ride was uneventful. There were storms on the way but we still stopped for gelato before dinner.
It was humid and hot, so it went down very nicely.
The weekend was fun, though the weather wasn’t always the best. That is just part of the travel, though, and motorcycles. And it was fun to share with Sue, so future adventures are on the horizon.
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