Horizons Unlimited 2014, Part Three

I was heading south and east, no solid plan of when I wanted to be where, other than the area of Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge no later than Thursday. I entertained the idea of arriving on Wednesday, either to get a good camp site or to visit a friend who lives in the area. She wasn’t going to be available, as it turned out, so I day dreamed about riding mountain roads as miles passed under my feet.

My first night camping alone I found a state park in Illinois, Moraine View. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not the beautiful campground I discovered.

I decided to try a new recipe for Spam and Mac and Cheese, something I make at home occasionally but never tried on the road (mostly because your standard stove top Mac and Cheese box makes too much).

It turned out pretty well, actually. Needs some tweaking but it was good and filling.

I’ve had my ENO hammock since spring, and have enjoyed it. I don’t usually use the but netting, in fact I’d never used it, but at about 930pm the area under the rain fly (it was supposed to rain) started to fill with insects. They were annoying enough I got out the bug net and hung flit for the first time, in the dark. It did manage to keep the bugs at bay, and not long after the rain arrived.

I’m the morning I packed up and got back on the road. I’d thought about reaching Indianapolis for lunch, but I wasn’t that organized and didn’t pass through until mid afternoon. This meant I wouldn’t be out of Indiana before looking for somewhere to camp, and remembered Charlesville State Park from a previous trip.

As I’d paid and rolled in, Curiosity had an odd, jerking motion to the left. As dinner cooked (curried rice with raisins) I looked the bike over.

That was going to be a problem.

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