Horizons Unlimited, 2014 Part Five

I was almost at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge when it started to rain. I was tempted to just press on, but Blue didn’t have his waterproof cover on so I pulled under a church awning to check the radar and get all sealed up. It was raining pretty hard, and the radar showed the whole valley, the valley I needed to be in, was full of rain.


As I was getting ready to press on, a Harley rider in half helmet, sleeveless vest and blue jeans pulled in and joined me under the awning. We talked for a while, but there wasn’t any reason for me to linger and the rain wasn’t going to stop, so I go back on the bike and rode the last ten minutes.


My friends from Australia had beaten me there, and were nice enough to make fun of my damp arrival. Curiosity had attracted attention as well, since one of the valves was clattering and the rear sprocket was definitely nearing the end of its useful life.


I’d been hoping to see Grant and Susan, the founders of Horizons Unlimited, but they weren’t in NC, instead starting to prep the camp ground for the Ontario meet, which was the following weekend. My plan was to head there when NC wrapped up, though that was going to be delayed while Curiosity’s sprocket and chain were replaced.


HU events are full of talks and seminars on various parts of motorcycle travel. And, since they are usually smaller than events like Overland Expo, they have a more casual feel.


There was rain off and on all weekend and the nights were chilly, but on the whole the weather was nice. I’d never stayed at Iron Horse, and it was a nice place, scenic and with a certain amount of character.


And, of course, there were the bikes –





Eventually Sunday morning arrived and everyone packed up and headed out. I stayed until Monday morning, since that as the day my parts were to arrive and the lodge was less expensive than a hotel. In the morning I packed up and rolled out, heading north.

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  1. Our friends and I get caught in the rain so often I had a patch made that says “storm chasers”!!!


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