Overland Expo East 2014, Part three

When I’d set up my ride plan, before leaving, I’d planned to head towards friends in Maryland after the expo, then continue to visit along the east coast while I rode towards Twisted Throttle in Rhode Island. I was going to be giving a talk there, and had given myself a few days to ride up. That was before my engine issues, though, and now things would have to change.

Instead I pointed Curiosity towards Delaware, where I’d had some parts shipped so I could fix the engine. This was not far, but with the lack of power (Curiosity could really only manage 45mph) it was going to take two days to get there. So, leaving late on Monday probably didn’t help. It was another cool morning and I wanted to say good bye to the Overland Expo staff who were already busy taking everything down and cleaning up the venue. I know how much work it take to put on an event the size of the Expo, and appreciate all the effort the staff and volunteers put in.

I tried the interstate for a while, but didn’t feel save at the speeds Curiosity wanted to move, so exited onto the smaller highways. I like that sort of travel better, anyway, but it’s not always the best for making miles – especially in the highly developed East Coast.

The Virginia Welcome Center was decorated in “Virginia is for Lovers” theme, which made me miss my girl friend back in Wisconsin. But there were coupon books for hotels and I grabbed one. I rode until after dark (something I am not a fan of doing), and found a hotel with a discount coupon for the night. After the chilly weekend of camping at the expo, the hot shower felt very nice. I still think hammocks are more comfortable than beds, though I wasn’t going to complain.

I was up early in the morning, leaving just after daylight. I still had a long way to go, and wanted to arrive at Chris’s (from The Pace Motorcycle Podcast) that night. He had graciously offered me a couch, somewhere to fix Curiosity, and picked up the parts from the local motorcycle shop who’s ordered them in. Curiosity’s weakened condition again led me astray, and a distance which should have been an easy day’s ride ended up with my arriving after dark, tired and a bit stressed. I was, to be honest, probably not the best company. But Curiosity’s parts were there and, after sitting and talking for a while and a good night’s sleep, in the morning I installed the new adjustment screw for the intake valve. And the bike wouldn’t start. After some more tinkering I regapped the spark plug and was on my way.

Chris was already at work when I hit the road, but I still can’t thank him enough for aiding a rider in need, even though I didn’t really need his full-on moto-garage. He also gave me some good tips on getting to where I wanted to go next – RevZilla in downtown Philly.

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