Those Falls, and sleeping in parking lots

We drove west and west and west. It had been a late start, and we had a long way to go. It would’ve been hard on Curiosity, but with the RV and taking turns driving it wasn’t so bad. Well, apart from the gas. After all the $6 fillups, the amount of money needed to fill the larger tank was a bit of a shock.

We reached the American side of the falls as the sun was setting. We found parking and walked out to Goat Island. Yes, there is parking on Goat Island. We saw the sign – after we’d parked. The walk was fine. Sue and I had both been to the American side before, but watching the sunset was new for me. Since Niagara is an expensive place to stay I only visited during the day – when there was time to leave and find a nice park to sleep in. That wasn’t going to be an option this time.

Once it was dark we walked back to the RV and headed for the border, arriving just after two tour buses. Sigh. One of the border officials walked over, asked how many people we had on board, then for our passports. We had nothing to declare, and he waved us through, commenting if we went through the procedure it would take hours – both buses were ahead of us. We manuvered Cliff around the buses, and crossed over to Canada.

We didn’t really have a plan for this park. There were some RV parks around, and there was a Walmart we thought we might be able to overnight park in. We were getting hungry, too. But we still ended up on the road along the falls (after some interesting traffic issues. Good thing Cliff is small for an RV). At one end there as a parking long – right near Horse Shoe Falls, and we pullled in to park and walk around some (and eat). I jokingly asked if we could stay in the lot overnight, and the attendant replied it wasn’t technically allowed, but no one ever checked and it happened all the time. A lot of the cars belonged to people gambling in the casinos, and some of them would be at it all night. So, we had a place to stay. Once we were in, we saw there was another RV there as well, clearly set up for a stay. We could have parked closer to all the attractions, and the restauants, but stayed further back. It was a little darker, less active, and we could hear the water roaring over the falls.


We walked up to Niagara, and I asked a random couple where we should go and eat. They weren’t locals (is anyone there?), but visited often. After asking how much we wanted to spend, and what we wanted to eat, they sent us to a bufffet in a casino. I had mixed feelings, but I had asked, and what was the point if I wasn’t going to take the advice?

Getting to the buffet was a chore – getting into the casino was easy but it was another 15 minutes of wandering through machines to get to the food. I know, that was the whole point, but it still sucked. 

The buffet, however, did not suck.

Imagine the three best buffets you’ve ever been two. Then imagine they were all at the same place, and all the food was just a little bit better. Oh, and all you can eat still too. We ate a lot

After gorging ourselves we walked along the river and falls back to Cliff. Both were lit up with spotlights, and it was cool. We tried to get pictures, but they didn’t really turn out all that well. It was after midnight when we crawled into bed.

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