Sunrise and the Long Drive Home

I am, at the best of times, not a morning person. I mean, really at the best of times. So, after eating enough food for a week and then going to bed after midnight, I didn’t think Sue was serious about that “getting up to see the sunrise over the falls” thing. I was quite wrong, and she make extra sure by setting an alarm. For 5. 5 am.

Sue had been driving around in Cliff the RV for about a week, while this was just my second night. The furnace didn’t work, which left us both chilly. I was surprised to learn I was colder in the RV than I had been in similar temperatures in my tent. It’s all about micro-climates, and we just couldn’t get one going in the large interior.

So, the alarm is going off, and Sue is getting up and offering hot water for coffee, and all I know is I can see my breath inside the RV. But, I get up anyway and we head out to the fall. We had been close enough to Horseshoe falls to hear the water all night.

We took a walk along the viewing promenade, watching the sky as it grew lighter. A nice person offered to take our picture.

The actual sunrise was lost in the mist, so there wasn’t really one moment. And we got damp, but it was a good time. The coffee and tea were gone, and we were surprised to learn Starbucks didn’t open until noon. There was nothing else for us to do than go to Tim Hortons.

It was Sue’s first time trying the treat from the north, and she liked it better than the Dunkin Donuts we’d had the day before (after seeing them all over in the NE, I will admit the one we stopped at was a poor specimen). Sadly, after eating it was time to get moving. We filled up the gas tank (ouch) and headed east. We cut across Canada, crossed back into the USA, and drove home, pretty much withouth stopping, although we did take a lunch break so I could cook bacon. Why have a fridge and stove if you can’t have bacon whenever you want?

Home again I had time to think about RV travel. I’d managed almost a week total since we’d bought it (Sue was way ahead of me on Cliff Time, as we’d started calling it), and I could see some advantages.

Those tanks of gas though. Yikes.

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