A Whole New World – HU Virginia 2015

I really enjoy going to Horizon’s Unlimited events. They are smaller than ones such as Overland Expo, which lets you feel like you’ve met everyone there over the course of a long weekend. I know this isn’t actually true, but that sense of community is enjoyable.

The Virginia HU Meet was new, and I also like supporting those. I don’t always understand why (especially given some of the more bitter Amazon reviews), but I always hope someone, somewhere, listens to what I have to say.

This trip was going to be different almost of when I decided to go. Sue wanted to come with, which wasn’t anything too major. She’s come with me on longish road trips before and had still wanted me around. What was going to be different this time was that her two girls – 9 and 11 – were also coming with. Since they hadn’t logged anything like the needed miles to ride to Virginia on the backs of motorcycles, we were all going to go in Cliff the RV. Curiosity was going to be Chauffeured to this one.

For the month or so before leaving, we talked about the trip, the history of the area (Appomattox), road trips, things to do in the RV to pass the miles.  Games were bought, movies watched, books checked out from the library. Excitement grew.

I had to work until 6pm the Sunday we were leaving, so I packed my stuff Saturday. Since there was a whole RV (I had a cabinet all to myself) I splurged on clothes and brought two pairs of pants. Yes, that is luxury for me on the road, and I don’t want to bring up the number of underwear. As I was walking my still-only-half-full duffel out, one of the girls looked at it in surprise. “Is that all you’re bringing?” They had spend the whole weekend packing, and it didn’t look like they’d wasted much of that time.

I got home, changed clothes, and we were off. The planned first stop was the RV/motorhome Museum and Hall of Fame. There was free overnight camping there for RVs, and I like free. The museum is pretty cool as well, but I think part of the reason we wanted to stop was this was the first place Sue and I stopped on our first road trip together, back in 2013. 2014 had been full of other adventures, and I think sharing the RV Museum with the girls was a sort of re-start for all four of us. We arrived after dark, ate, and settled in for the night.

Morning came gray and gloomy, but we weren’t going anywhere yet. We had breakfast, (these two meals were far more involved than anything I could have managed on the bike, on my own) and headed for the entrance. 

The girls immediately won over the men working the counter, getting pictures inside the same trailer in the lobby – which had been clearly labeled “No children allowed inside.” We paid our fees and headed in. One wanted to give us the full guided tour, and I was tempted, but we opted to walk at our own varied pace. Sue and I ambling along, Kaylei moving with fits and starts, and Alyssa a blue of barely contained energy and excitement. We did lose one or the other of them from time to time, but they always showed up again, usually demanding we follow to something they’d seen further ahead.

The museum is laid out along a road, starting with the earliest examples of RVing and moving forward through time until the 70s. There is a separate, smaller area with modern units and a diorama showing the Winnebago factory. with audio and lights to highlight the stages of motorhome construction. The units in this modern area made Cliff seem a bit drab,  but he was ours and home for the next week or so.

We headed back outside in time for lunch, then drove on. We didn’t have a planned stopping point for that night, just south and east and a vague (very vague) sense of how far we had to have traveled by the end of the day. The miles rolled past and Sue found a state park that looked hopeful.



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