On the Road Again – North Carolina

This was going to be different – not completely different but something, I have to admit, I was still learning how to cope with. Overland Expo East is an huge overlander event – trucks and motorcycles – just south of Asheville in October. Due to some lucky scheduling Horizons Unlimited’s North Carolina event was the following weekend. It was too good to pass, and I offered to teach some classes at both events. In fact, at Overland I offered to teach a lot of classes, because Sue had agreed to come with. So, with her to help, I figured on or two hours off a day would be fine.

The, a couple weeks before I we were going to leave, she said she didn’t think she could go anymore. There were issues with some rentals, issues with new schools, and she thought it would be better to just stay home. This was a bit of a problem, but it did mean I would get to ride Cuiosity instead of chauvering it. 

Then, the Monday before I planned to leave (on Friday), Sue annouced she had changed her mind and was coming. This resulted in a flurry of sudden, frantic activity as teachers were contacted for homework assignments, her bike was made ready, and Cliff the RV was taken out of storage and made ready. I will admit, I like riding the motorcycle. Prefer it, if I am completely honest, but it would be nice to have Sue along with.

It did mean we wouldn’t be able to leave on Friday – there was just too much to do – so Saturday morning after the RV was packed I went to move it up so the trailer could be attached (with it’s new motorcycle wheel holder-things), and it wouldn’t start. It was, in fact, completely dead. I started taking things apart andd doing research. Fuzes were fine, but someone on one of the forums mentioned something called a fuzeable link. I had never heard of such a thing and still wonder why they don’t just use a fuze. In anycase, this left me searching for these things I had never seen in real life through the chassis and wiring. Luckily, a member of Sue’s family had some experiance with old RVs, and came over to find the problem in about 5 minutes. These 5 minutes were, however, on Sunday morning, so we left a day later than planned – or two depending on how you counted.

Since the girls were coming with, and they had some stuff they needed to do for school, Sue and I wanted to make sure were saw some educational things along the way. I really like learning things, and despite passing it repeatedly I had never stopped at Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. I assumed it was just a small museum, some information, perhaps a movie.

I was wrong


There was a museum, free, which covered Lincolns early, early live at a place called Sinking Springs – where the monument is today. Lincoln moved from here when he was 3 (maybe) to a different bit of land not far away, where he grew up. This property was involved in a legal battle over ownership, not uncommon in those days, and eventually the Lincolns lost and they had to move further west.

I have to admit the place felt more like shrine than museum, Lincoln as a figure of the things he would eventually become rather than a boy growing up. Perhaps what he did become was so incredible nothing of his earlier years was able to survive.

One thing that really did surprise me – well one of a couple things – was Lincoln’s mom. There was a lot of information on his father and grandfather, and family in general, but nothing at all about his mother. In fact, while there was a sketch based on a discription, no one even really knows what she looked it. It was kinda of a surprise given all the detail that had been added up for everthing else.

There were other odd things too. Inside the shrine was a log cabin – not the Lincoln’s cabin but one that might have been kind of like it, expect the one in the shrine was smaller. Despite all the “humble beginnings” that surround Lincoln growing up, at this point in his life his family was definitely upper middle class. How much of that affluence managed to follow him would have to be covered in another museum.

We got bacck on the road and the rain started. We’d hoped to park somewhere and ride motorcycle to Cumberland Gap, but there just wasn’t time if we were going to get to Asheville early enough to see anything there, so we continued South and East, and found something on Sue’s bucket list to do next instead.


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