Did you know I had another website?

So, this isn’t really new at this point anymore, but I don’t mention it much. I have another website.

The Minimal Motorcyclist deals with all the fun details and how-tos of overland travel on small motorcycles, or cheap motorcycles, or really any motorcycle at all. Packing, budgeting, gear reviews, all that stuff has moved over there and this site – Traveling 250 – has become my primary travel/ride report blog. I know that isn’t how a lot of people handle this sort of thing, and I will probably change it up some time in the future, but for right now it’s going to be two sites.

So, Traveling 250 is going to have all kinds of travel things. What kind of travel things? Well, I’m writing this on June 22nd – I know that isn’t when you’re reading it – and on June 27th I’m heading for Alaska with Sue (my wife) and her two girls. While we will have a basecamp vehicle and be trailering the motorcycles (I have mixed feelings about this turn of events, but it was pointed out a 10 year old might not be ready for 9000 miles in 60 days on a motorcycle, since her longest day so far is about 100 miles. We’ll get there, though.

IMG 3384

But in the mean time I’ve been popping all over the lower 48 (and a bit of Canada) already this year. So to get some content rolling I am going to be sharing those rides – like the HU Virginia trip I just finished.

So, happy travels to you all!!

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